10 Tips to Make a Bedroom Luxurious

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Our days can be hectic- getting your chores done. Also, maintaining a balance in your social and personal life can be exhausting. And it’s no wonder that we can feel tired. Both our mind and body need relaxation. So what can we do?

Let’s not forget we have a bedroom in our house. It’s a place where we can rest, charge our batteries, and prepare ourselves. For whatever the next day is about to bring into our life.

As the bedroom has this much importance in our life so why should it be drab. In this blog, we will tell you the 10 cheapest and easiest ways to style your bedroom luxuriously.

Can we give our Bedroom a Luxurious look on a Low Budget?

To give your bedroom a luke look, working smartly can always be beneficial. It’s not necessary to invest a million dollars to refurbish your room. You can give your bedroom an inviting and plush look by following the below tips as per your budget. Sounds great? So keep on reading!

10 Things To Make Your Bedroom More Luxurious


These points will help you in better decorating the room.

  1. Cut the Clutter
  2. Warm your Bedroom with Wallpaper
  3. Go for a unique headboard
  4. Dress your bed
  5. Style your pillows
  6. Fashion the nightstand
  7. Add stylish seating
  8. Upgrade the lampshades
  9. Replace Drapes
  10. Change the hardware

Cut the clutter

Why do hotel rooms look more intimidating?

We always feel that the hotel rooms are too beautiful. Yet spacious because they know the secret of styling the clutter. Keeping your bedroom mess-free always seems to be a difficult task.

But you can organize your bedroom by dividing the junk into the categories of good and bad.

Bad clutter is unnecessary things like dirty clothes, useless bills, paper, unmanaged electrical cords, etc.

Good clutter is artwork leaning against the walls. With a stack of books and magazines, and a table tray filled with the objects.

Try to keep things organized by keeping the floors empty and clean. You can place a bookshelf and the paperwork in the drawers.

Warm your Bedroom with Wallpaper

Wallpapers always require minimal effort. And you can have a variety of choices to style your room with them. Think about how you want your bedroom to make you feel. To give your bedroom a bold look you can go for a dark wallpaper behind the headboard and make it soft and elegant. You can choose pastel-colored wallpapers for all the walls.

Wallpapers always require minimal effort.
give your bedroom a bold look

Go for a Unique Headboard

Adding a luxe-looking headboard can give your bedroom a glam look. It’s not necessary to spend a fortune on the headboard. A beautiful one does not need to be expensive.

The features you need to keep in mind while buying a headboard are:

a bold color, unique shape, impressive heights, or elegant fabric such as linen or velvet.

luxe-looking headboard
spend a fortune on the headboard

Dress your bed

Luxury hotel rooms share one thing in common: perfectly made beds. To upgrade your bed, take two sheets and fold the edge over the top one over the duvet. Moreover, bedrooms and beddings all need not be all white anymore. It’s all about the mix.

Luxury hotel rooms
To upgrade your bed room

Style your pillows:

We’ve all seen some drool-worthy images of bedrooms on Pinterest! With loads of plush pillows.

Are you confused about the number of pillows on the bed? You can follow the rule of thumb. The pillows shouldn’t cover more than a quarter of the bed.

The descendant look can be achieved by placing two standard size pillows. Which are just like standing by the headboard and two to three smaller throw pillows.

drool-worthy images of bedrooms
number of pillows on the bed

Fashion the nightstand

A common mistake that we make with the nightstand is overflooding. With unnecessary clutter!

Do remember “Less is more”. You can place a decent tray on your nightstand and spray it with antique colors.

Try to place only those things which you need during the night. To bring more elegance you can throw some of your jewelry in.

Less is more
place a decent tray

Add stylish seating and rugs:

If you have extra furniture in your house so you can amp up your bedroom by adding a cozy chair along with a study table.

You can also add big rugs under your bed to enhance the looks.

Upgrade the lampshades

Lightning always plays a vital role while decorating the room. Whether it be a table lamp or a ceiling fixture.

You can intensify the looks of your room by placing a table lamp. That is of a large and unusual shape with gold, glass, or crystal work or you can place the chandeliers.

Replace drapes

Long high-mounted drapes which touch the floor always give a royal look to your room.

Windows and curtains define the mood of the space. Through different color schemes, styles, and ways of hanging! You can change the complete aura of your room.

Windows and curtains
Long high-mounted drapes

Change the hardware:

If your furniture is a decade old, you have two options. Either buy a new set or modify the existing one.

Replace the dull, ugly, or plain door knobs with elegant designs. Look for the shiny, metallic, or glass hardware, and voila!  You have done the makeover of your room in no time.


A bedroom is a place to relax and calm your soul. Styling your bedroom is a crucial task to do. You should never compromise in creating a room as per your desires.

As with other things in life, it’s all about details.

Have you found a direction to give your bedroom a luxurious look through this blog? Leave a response below.

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