5 Best Vintage Bedroom Decoration Ideas With Collections From Nicky Cornell

Your bedroom should look simple, cosy, elegant, and soothing, no matter the colors and style you decide to settle for. Ensure there is enough space at least 3 ft between the bed and other pieces of furniture or wall for effortless movement. 

After a hepatic day at work, all you need is to rest in your little heaven, so when you step on the door, your bedroom furniture should symbolise that. Do not clutter the room with unnecessary furniture; otherwise, it will look unclear.

The Decorations that will Change your Bedroom Atmosphere

So when deciding to furnish your bedroom, look for a French style classic bedroom furniture that will match your taste of something beautiful at a competitive price. 

Here are some nice options that I have compiled from the options available from the Nicky Cornell furniture store:

French-style Classic Dressing Table 

They made this magical dressing table from mahogany wood. With creamy blue-grey finishing, it will add sophistication and glamour. This french style dressing table is crafted to fit all combs and perfume flasks. In the 19th century, the dressing table was a sign of luxury and class, and it is to the present. They focus this set on its functionality to fit well in your bedroom.

This contemporary French design it’s a combination of diverse styles and artwork that everyone can admire. These exquisite vintage designs have drawers, mirrors, and ornate feet. You can never go wrong with this dressing table.

A French-style Classic Carved Bed

Sweet sleep starts with a luxurious and classic french-style carved bed. The high-quality mahogany bed is what you need to add a touch of romance and elegance to your sleep sanctuary. Why wouldn’t you want to sleep like a king knowing the origin of this carved French bed? The intricate carving on the bed complements its design, and the crown gives it a royalty impression. 

This masterpiece for a minimalist is a must-have if you love the classic luxury bed. It can be for you or a precious gift to give your loved one during holidays, anniversaries or wedding presents. 

Mirrored Glass 3 Drawer Curved Front Bedside Table

This is a perfectly designed mirrored glass front bedside table that will suit your bedroom. It mirrored, giving an impression of beauty, class, and elegance. They made the best quality from crystal glass curved in front, making it a perfect interior design height.

Keep your items intact beside your bed. Place your alarm, favourite book, phone, and bedside lamp. You can get this unique gift for your friend.

Mirrored Bed Silver Velvet

It’s time to upscale your bedroom with a charming contemporary mirrored silver bed. This bed has the most stunning headboard in different colors and a frame that has a shiny bevel mirror blended with velvet to bring out the head-turning aesthetic.

You can choose the colour of your headboard and if you would like it buttoned or smooth. Enjoy the amazing offer that comes with this bed when you decide to purchase it. 

Say yes to glamour by getting this bed at an affordable price today.

Wardrobes and Armoires

French-crafted wardrobes will be the nicest addition to your bedroom. They styled the wardrobes beautifully, with vivid details that add a touch of dainty sophistication to your room. You can choose from a single mirrored or double door version; you will get what you order for. 


Nicky Cornell has a wide collection to choose from, and you will find something tailor-made to suit your classy vintage taste.


Furnish your bedroom with elegant furniture with luxurious fabrics. Nothing soothes your mind like a nice colored room with natural light. If your bedroom is spacious enough, choose furniture and accessories that blend with your décor. 

Add the serene feeling by storing things out of sight to make your bedroom a gate away from the day’s hard work. That’s why you will need a bedside table, wardrobe, and many others.

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