5 ways to finish the tile edges

Tiling is one of the easiest ways to renovate your home. It’s a great way to give your home a fresh look and feel while adding value to the property. But if you’re new to tiling, it can be tricky to figure out how to deal with tile edges.

Tile edges are often overlooked, but they’re actually one of the most important parts of a tile job. 

You can’t have a sparkling room without a good-looking edge!

But how do you make sure that your tile edges look their best? You can take professional wall and floor tiling courses to begin your work as a tiler.

Here are some tips on finishing off your tile edges so that you can get started on that renovation.

1- Paint the edges

This is a quick and easy way to finish your tile edges, but it requires some extra work. You’ll need to remove any old caulk or grout, then sand down your tile with grit sandpaper until it’s smooth. Then paint over the tile with a color that matches the rest of the flooring.

All you need is a paintbrush, some tile edge primer, and paint. The primer will help smooth out any bumps or irregular shapes on the tile’s surface and give it a uniform look. The next step is to apply a small amount of paint to the area where you want to paint. Make sure not to get too close to any edges; otherwise, you risk creating a groove that could ruin the look of your new tile.

2- Add a wooden strip

A wood strip is an easy way to finish the tile edges in your house. It can also add some texture and dimension to your walls. The best part is that it’s cheap and easy to install!

You can buy a piece of wood at any home improvement store or use pallet wood. You’ll need to sand and stain the wood before attaching it to your wall with adhesive.

Once it dries, paint over it with a clear coat to protect the surface from further damage and dirt particles.

3- Use edge strips

Tile edging strips are an easy way to finish the edges of tile in your house and are also very inexpensive.

To install a tile edging strip, rip off a small section of the edge of your tile. The strip size will depend on the size of your tiles and how many you have—you’ll need something wide enough to cover the edge of each tile.

Tile edge strips can be found at most home improvement stores and come in various colors and styles. Follow the manufacturer’s directions carefully when installing these edging strips to avoid damaging your tiles.

4- Use caulk

If you’re not a fan of rough edges and want to keep your tile floor looking nice, you can caulk the edge of your tile.

Caulk is a sealant applied to the edge of your floor. This will help prevent dirt from getting into the tiles and prevent moisture from seeping into the gap between each tile.

Caulk comes in different types, so you’ll need to match it to the thickness of your tiles and how much material you want around each one. You can also buy special caulking tools for this task if you want to do the job perfectly.

5- Install bullnose edges

One of the easiest ways to finish the tile edges in your house is to create a bullnose edge. Bullnose edges are simple, but they’re also one of the most effective ways to finish the tile edges in your house.

We recommend hiring a professional to install them as they need a lot of work and precision. If you’re feeling confident enough to DIY this project yourself, practice on scraps first before tackling your floors. It’s not as hard as it looks!


So there you have it, our top five tips for finishing the tile edges in your house. Tile edges are some of the trickiest things to finish, but don’t let them hold you back from creating a beautiful and functional home.

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