7 Best Pole Barn Ideas

Imagine after a long tiring day you are heading back to your tack room. You are exhausted and have no energy to keep things back at their place.

Now on the following morning. You are short of time. You are trying hard to find the tools. But the thing which you are getting is shear stress, not the tools.

This is a common issue we all have experienced. But what can be the solution? As we all know Barns are spacious but they can easily get cluttered.

Pole Barn is one of those components that can help us in this regard. So, what’s a Pole Barn?

A pole barn is a large building with no basement and a high ceiling. Most often, it’s an agricultural building that provides open interior space.

Just look at how the Pole Barn looks?

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Why Pole Barns are great storage provider:

A new Pole Barn for your property can be the best thing to keep all the stuff organized.

High-quality pole barn structures provide a durable. PLUS cost-effective solution to all your storage needs. Whether it be a boat, hay, equipment, or machinery storage or you own a garage or a workshop.

You can blindly trust Pole Barn and shape it up according to your needs.

How to Increase the Storage Area through Pole Barn

Do you consider yourself an organized person? For some of us, it comes naturally. For others, it’s a work in progress.

Every single one of us has our preference on how we store things. This might not make sense to the person who’s analyzing it but it makes sense to you.

We are here to bring ease to your lives. Today we will be talking about the 7 ways to be creative with the Pole Barn.

1. Take time to declutter

a charity pile
Storage Area through Pole Barn

Before putting your hands on building new storage resources. You should take out time to declutter your equipment.

Divide them into three categories:

  • a charity pile
  • a trash pile for the recyclable stuff
  • a pile for the daily usable equipment.

Your local charity-based organization will not only appreciate your kindness. But also you will be free from unnecessary mess.

2. Use a Magnetic Bar for Nails, Screws, and Other Tools

Benefits of Magnetic Tool Bar
Magnetic Tool Ba

If you are tired of losing tiny Nails, Screws, or Ranches while working. So you can use a Magnetic Tool Bar to keep all your stuff in one place.

It keeps your tools off the floor or workbench. And you can find all the things in one go rather than wasting time trying to find them.

Helpful Tip!

Try to choose the magnetic bar that has enough strength to hold the tools that you are looking to organize.

3. Use a Pegboard for Tool Storage

Use a Pegboard for Tool Storage
square-shaped pegboard

Can’t remember where you placed the Nose Plier? Don’t worry. You can place a square-shaped pegboard. It will help you free up the floor space

They can easily be found in any hardware store and are efficient enough to give you quick access to all the tools.

Helpful tip:

Marking the position of each tool on the pegboard will be beneficial. It will ease the ways to keep the tools in an adequate position for you or anyone else.

Have you ever used a pegboard? Share your valuable reviews.

4. Make a collapsible workbench

Pole Barn
collapsible workbench

Want to work inside the Pole Barn during the hot sunny days?

A collapsible workbench can lessen this issue. You can open it up in times of need and collapse it when you need the floor for other activities.

5. Put hanging storage pockets

Try hanging storage pockets
Put hanging storage pockets

If you want to keep your tiny things like keys, ranches, etc. Try hanging storage pockets on the inside of the door.

These storage pockets will be a safe and cheapest idea to keep all your needed things in one place.

6. Use open shelves

Open Shelves
modify the space by using Open Shelves

You want a big pole barn but you are out of budget? Now you have no other options than depending on size.

In this situation, you can modify the space by using Open Shelves

These open shelves will not only free your floor but also give you loads of storage options.

Helpful tip

If you want to store more items, build deep shelves from ceiling to floor.

7. Use Hose Hooks

Hose Hooks
Benefits of Hose Hooks

The worst situation you can fall into is untangling the cords. The best way to get rid of tangled cords lying around your barn is to use the walls for that. But how?

Use Hose Hooks. These hose hooks will keep your wires safe and organized at the same time.

Helpful tip

If you want to be more crafty you can use PVC pipes instead. This idea is the cheapest one to use as you can find a hose from any hardware store.

Final Words

No two pole barns can look alike. Organizing something on your own not only gives you pride. But also you have the freedom of incorporating your ideas.

No matter, what is the size of your Pole Barn or what’s your budget. The thing that matters is how you organize your space.

If you find any of the above ideas useful. Do tell us in the comments

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