7 Critical Reasons Why You Should Choose Piano Movers To Move Your Piano

Moving your piano yourself is not just stressful, but it can be a precarious endeavor that can result in irreversible piano damage. You might think it’s easy as moving a bed or other household stuff, but in reality, it’s quite the opposite. Besides the costly damage, it can even result in severe injuries if you’re not using professional piano movers to do the job. 

Difference between House Removalists and Piano Movers

The majority of the people think house removals and piano movers are the same. No, they’re not. And it’s completely normal if you were confused between them. However, to this point, remember that removalists are not piano specialists, and they might damage your piano while moving, which of course, the company would cover. Still, it won’t bring your precious instrument back. On the other side, piano movers are trained specialists who know about minor details about how a piano should be handled during relocation. Those were just a few differences that show the importance of hiring piano movers, and here are the top seven reasons why you should choose piano movers to move your piano. 

1. Training and Experience

Piano movers are not like ordinary removalists. Their staff is specially trained to relocate piano safely whether it’s from one city to another or merely from one room to another room of the building. Not only this, you’ll find many piano specialists working for the piano movers. With years of experience, they get perfect in handling the pianos. Hiring them can provide you the ultimate peace of mind that your piano is in safe hands. 

2. Proper Moving Truck

Pianos are pretty heavy and not a standard moving truck equipped to move a piano properly. Professional piano movers have a proper truck with the required padding and equipment to load/unload and move your piano with complete protection. Moving a piano is an ordinary truck and other stuff that can result in cosmetic or physical damage to your piano. If it’s an old piano, you wouldn’t want any repairing touchups on it. 

3. Insurance and Guarantee

A piano is among the most expensive types of music equipment. A good piano can range from $3000 to $300,000 and sometimes a million dollars depending on the age and model. Therefore, moving it yourself or through a house removal company could cost you a fortune in case of even minor damage. However, professional piano movers guarantee to move your piano and offer insurance as well. So, if any unfortunate event takes place, you’ll get it covered. 

4. Special Equipment

Moving a piano is not just a job of two persons lifting it and loading it to the truck. There is specially designed equipment to keep the piano safe while moving. A piano moving company has all the required equipment to relocate your piano without even a minor scratch. For example, the weight distribution of the piano plays a critical role in moving it. Piano movers have the right equipment that distributes weight equally and makes moving the piano safely to the new location easy. 

5. Saves money

Although it seems that hiring piano movers is an extra cost, however, it’s not. Even a little part of a piano cost hundreds of dollars, and minor scratches and damages are very common when removalist move the stuff. So in case of minor damage, the repair or replacement could cost you more than the piano mover’s fees. 

6. Avoid Personal Injuries

A piano is very heavy musical equipment. Giving in non-professional hands is not just risky for a piano, but it can also cause severe personal injuries. Even if you’re relocating it from one room to another, it should be handled by trained piano movers, especially if there is an involvement of stairs. An average piano can weigh more than 1000 pounds, and even a team of two strong men cannot handle it properly. A piano moving company would send as many men as required to move your piano successfully. The team of professional piano movers knows the particular technique that ensures the safety of the piano and people as well. 

7. Fixed Quotes

The best thing about hiring a piano mover for moving your piano is the fixed quote. You won’t have to worry about hourly labor charges, transportation charges, packing charges, or anything else that removalists usually charge. Instead, a piano mover company would provide you a fixed quote that includes all the costs from the start till the end. 

Final Thoughts 

Moving a piano is undoubtedly a hassle, yet that makes it even more important to carry it with special care. Hiring a piano moving company would do that. However, it would be best if you do a little research before hiring one. Don’t go by the words, and make sure to verify the name and license of the company. Checking past clients’ reviews can also help you in hiring the best piano mover. 

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