7 Stylish Improvement for your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Have you finally realized your bathroom needs a revamp? Well, it’s a good call. A renovated bathroom not only adds value to your house but also makes it better adapted according to your needs. Bathroom remodeling is an exciting project; however, it requires a lot of planning and starts from somewhere, which gets the majority of the people confused whether it’s a complete overhaul or just changing one aspect of the space. Considering that, we’ve come up with seven stylish improvements that can help you tie the whole bathroom together. 

1. Flooring

Flooring has a major role in changing the overall look of a bathroom. Some interior designers also call it a show-stopper of the house. Change your worn and damaged tile with small black and white and textured tiles. The textured tiles also look classy, and they will do the job of keeping your feet from slipping effectively during wet and soapy situations. Also, while selecting the bathroom flooring, make sure that they are durable. Some examples of durable flooring options include ceramic, stone tiles, and porcelain. 

In addition to that, you can also consider adding heated flooring to your bathroom remodeling project. It might sound expensive, but it’s not. Just search for any bathroom remodel near me, and you can get the right quote about it. Heated flooring is very efficient and can save you money on energy costs, especially if you live in a cold climate region. 

2. Double Vanity

A bathroom with double vanity is always better than one with a single giant mirror and sink attached to it. Installing double vanity can get more room for storage to keep all the toiletries and boost your bathroom’s overall aesthetics. 

3. Replace or add a bathtub

A bathtub could not be a necessity for some people, but installing it must be a part of your bathroom remodeling project if you really want to change the look of your bathroom. Also, bathtubs do add up the value of the house. According to real estate experts, the house that bathroom contains bathtubs appeals to the potential buyer more than the one with the only shower. In case you already have a giant bathtub installed, replace it with small a small tub. Smaller size bathtubs take less space and provide a bathroom a very luxurious and neat look.   

4. Cabinet

Cabinets are the basic essential of every bathroom. You can certainly use drawers and shelves to keep all the bathroom items, but it would give your bathroom a messy look. In order to create a very neat and stylish look, cabinets are a must. If you’ve already installed a cabinet in your bathroom, consider changing its color. I would recommend coloring them bright, real, and golden handles. This would create a very classy vibe. 

5. Countertops

While remodeling your old bathroom, the vanity area deserves a little extra revamping that you can do by adding a beautiful countertop. There are myriad options to choose the material of bathroom countertops. For instance, some popular material choices of homeowners include natural stone or white marble countertops, as they give a very modern look to the bathroom. However, If you’re on a tight budget, you can also go with laminate countertops. Or skip both and go easy with tiled countertops; it depends on your personal preference. 

6. Recessed Medicine Cabinet

If there are more family members in your house, you might need some extra cabinet storage. For that, you can install a recessed medicine cabinet right above or at the side of the vanity. It’s inexpensive and can get you so much storage without sacrificing the stylish look of your bathroom. Also, you can place some bathroom decoration items like cute plants on them to give it a very cool look. 

7. Lighting

Last but the most important element of this list is the bathroom’s lighting, and no bathroom remodeling project can be completed without that. You can improve the lighting of your bathroom by installing a dimmer in the main lights. You can change the overall vibe of your bathroom through dimmer. Also, add lightning around the other fixtures of the bathroom like main mirrors to provide you best bright light for getting ready, doing other tasks that require more light, such as makeup, shaving, etc. 

Furthermore, you can improve the aesthetics of your bathroom by adding light into the shower instead of placing it around it. Shower lights can just set the right mood and provide you with a very pleasant shower experience. You can also install led light strips on the bathroom ceiling for ambient lighting. 


Remember that a bathroom remodeling project is a great investment, and while doing that, you would like to ensure getting the best return. So, when doing a bathroom makeover, don’t take any chances and take professional help by hiring bathroom remodeling contractors. You can simply do that by searching bathroom remodel near me.

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