9 Tips To Make Twin Girls’ Bedroom More Charming and Beautiful

Babies are blessings. They bring a lot of love and happiness with them. What’d be the impact if two babies are about to come together?

That equals DOUBLE the happiness. The celebration becomes double. The place where you are planning to welcome the twin children should be decorated well.

That’s why this article is going to be about the best way to decorate the twin girls’ bedroom.

Why Decorating The Room Is So Important?

Most importantly any sort of good thing creates a good impression on our minds. If the room is decorated well, children will show good growth and happy behavior.

Plus all of the stuff doesn’t matter when the girls are babies. Things come into consideration when they become young. So, this article is going to be about young twin girls’ bedroom ideas.

Design influences our lives.

We should focus on the decoration of the room with great designs. That’s because of certain points.

  • Better Mental Growth
  • Better Mood
  • Better Living

So decorating the room is necessary. If you want to have better health for your children then you should do the better decoration.

9 Things To Make Your Girls’ Bedroom More Beautiful

These points will help you in better decorating the room.

  1. Have a Nice Wall Paint
  2. Nice Theme
  3. Decent Lighting
  4. Get Same Furniture
  5. Place Two Beds
  6. Create Individual Spaces
  7. Small Extra Decorations
  8. Hang Two Mirrors
  9. Hang Shelves

Nice Wall Paint

Wall Paint plays a very important role in the decoration. It has the first impression when you get into the room. That’s why I always go with the best color.

What colors do most girls prefer?

Blue, purple, red, and green are great color preferences for girls. Most girls like these colors in light shades. The light shade of red is pink which is a great choice.

Many environmental factors promote ‘pink’ as the color related to girls. Light Pink will be a great choice for the wall paint.

Nice Theme

The theme is the second most important thing after wall paint. Twin girls’ bedroom PLUS scale wallpaper theme is a great combination.

You can also paste some crafts on the wall. Like stickers of trees on the wall, stars etc.

trees on the wall
crafts on the wall

Decent Lighting

Get a decent lighting system for the room. If the girls are the students, they will spend their time making assignments, writing home-works and etc.

Proper lighting is the main thing for that.

PLUS: Good lighting is also a part of the theme. It should create a good contrast with the theme and color of the wall.

Get Same Furniture

Twins are identical in their physical appearances. It’d be better to get the same things for them at the early ages (2-5).

Furniture is the second most observed thing in the room. So you should have identical furniture for your twin girls.

The same things will help them to understand each other better. (Naturally)

PLUS: Both the girls will require their individual space to arrange their stuff. So the cupboard with two equal compartments will be a good option.

Place Two Separate Beds

The bed is as personal as having a smartphone. It’s difficult to share it with anyone. If you let your twin girls on the same bed, they’ll fight.

To avoid any conflict it is better to have separate beds. Are you worried about space? Don’t worry. You can create a bed-on-bed or side-by-side bed.

have separate beds
Two Separate Beds

Create Space for Individual

Both twin girls will develop their own perspectives. They will show different behaviors after a certain age. Maybe one of them will take great care of cleaning, while the other will spread the mess.

So why, you should create a space for individuals.

Add Extra Decorative Pieces

Extra decoration pieces enhance the room’s beauty. For example, you can put some welcome balloons, colorful rugs, wall clocks, study tables, etc.

Hang Two Separate Mirrors

How can you ignore makeup when it comes to twin girls?

Hanging two separate mirrors is a PLUS. Both the twins have got their own dressing setting ups for makeup.

Hang Shelves

Shelves create extra space and they also increase the beauty of the room. Hang shelves for a premium look. Keep some books and artificial plants for a better look.

artificial plants for a better look
Increase the beauty of the room


Decorating the home is a great thing for both mental satisfaction. Twin babies bring double the happiness. That’s why you should welcome them so warmly. There are a lot of things you can do for their welcome.

But the decoration has its own place. It makes the home really charming and welcoming. So go for it, with the help of the tips given above.

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