A Perfect Guide on How to Do the Mid-Century Decor

They say fashion trends come back after every 20 years. That is very true in the case of home decor trends. Mid-century modern designs were very famous back in the day due to their bold colors and simple yet sophisticated look. Since millennials love classic things, this home decor trend is every millennials’ favorite. Mid-century modern style decor can elevate your place with its sleek impression. 

What is Mid-Century Modern Decor Style?

Mid-century Modern decor style is famous for its characteristic slim and sleek contours and low profile. The style was born just after the end of World War II. Mid-century decor rose to its popularity because of iconic designs Modular long shelves, mid century modern sofa, and lounge chairs. The decor style has seen its share of ups and downs. Over the years, it has risen to popularity and then noticed its demise more than once. However, the mid-century decor is reviving in the last few years because millennials are obsessed with sleek and elegant stuff. 

How to Make Your Place a Timeless Beauty With Mid-Century Decor? 

If you want to go for mid-century modern decor for your home or workplace but are confused about where to start from, then do not worry. With the help of your home styling experts and interior designers, we’ve created a complete guide on mid-century that covers everything from mid-century colors to mid-century furniture, such as a mid century modern sofa. 

1. Find Your Inspiration

Your house is supposed to be the mirror of your personality. So even if you want to adhere to one style, we suggest you don’t. Mixing and matching are what professional interior designers suggest because different designs are versatile. But at the end of the day, it’s your place, so choose whatever you suit. Find inspiration wherever you can find it. Pinterest and Instagram are great sources if you want to look at how someone has decorated their home or workplace in mid-century decor. 

2. Choose Your Color

Choosing the right color is crucial if you want a sleek and modern-looking place because not every color is suitable for the mid-century style. The rule of thumb for choosing the right color for mid-century interiors is 60-30-10. According to this rule, your room must have about 60% dominant shade, 30% a secondary color, and 10% of the room should be painted by accent color. Since most of the colors used in this decor have darker neutral tones, a lighter and cooler mid century modern sofa can take your room from the scale of 0 to 10 real quick.

 3. Choose the Right Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Once you have decided on what colors you are going for, it’s time to choose the right furniture that will make your place modern and classy. Most of the mid-century furniture are identified by their sleek shape and straight angles and lines. The simplicity the mid-century decor is famous for is also reflected in its furniture designs. The most popular furniture item in the era was the sofa. The mid century modern sofa is an elegant piece of furniture. The minimalist design has one or two colors, usually calmer with little to no patterns. But if you prefer patterns over your furniture, you can choose golden details that can make your furniture look straight out of 1900s Hollywood. 

4. Select the Right Rugs and Carpets

Once your wall and furniture have been sorted out, you need to fix your attention towards your floor. Deciding on the right kind of rugs or carpets is essential to have a modern-looking place. As we have said before, your home should reflect what you are, so you are free to choose whatever pattern or color you want as long as it compliments your overall decor. However, if you strictly stick to mid-century style, choose rugs or carpets with asymmetrical or abstract patterns. You can also choose a solid color if you are not a fan of patterns and prints. 

5. Elect the Matching Accessories

Once you have addressed the elephant in the room, it’s time to pay attention to teeny bits of details that play a huge role in improving the appearance of your place. The right kind of accessories, such as cushions, lamps, curtains, and other ornaments, can make your place more modern looking while sticking to the mid-century style. 

The EndNote

Mid-century modern decor is receiving a lot of love from every homeowner these days. One reason behind its popularity is its timeless elements that would never go completely out of vogue. These designs are iconic and timeless. So, if you’re moving to a new house to renovate your existing place, the mid-century modern decor will be a perfect choice. However, if you were hesitant about decorating your home or choosing the right color for a mid century modern sofa, then we hope our simple guide has helped you.  

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