Chain Link Fence Slat Alternatives

~Because everyone needs Boundaries~

Do you want to confine your animals inside or want to save yourself from the intruders? If yes, so you should give your hands down to upgrading your Chain Link Fence Slats.

What is the purpose of Chain Link Fence Slats?

Good fences make good neighbors. Before renovating your existing fence, think about the vision you have.

The fences are usually installed to fulfill the following needs:

  • Do you want to discourage either the two-legged or four-legged trespassers? So it’s time to reconsider your decision of installing a fence. Because the fence doesn’t serve that purpose.
  • If your fence is meant mainly for the purpose of decoration. Don’t settle yourself with the conventional Chain Link Fence Slats. As those slats fade with the passage of time.

Ways to enhance your existing Chain Link Fence Slats:

Do you want your Chain Link Fence to look warm and elegant, but don’t know how to do it?

No worries, We are here to serve that purpose. Here we will be sharing some easiest ideas to upgrade your Chain Link Slats, so continue reading….

1. Use Bamboo Fence

Chain Link Fence Slats
Chain Link Fence Slats with the Bamboo fences

You can replace your Chain Link Fence Slats with the Bamboo fences. By attaching the poles to the top and bottom of your chain link fencing. You can install the full bamboo pole screens. This will not only give a refreshing look but also secure your house.

How to install:

  • Choose the poles in ¾ inches to 2 inches with respect to thickness
  • Keep the edges of internodes so it will be hard.
  • As the bamboo is organic in nature, you need to pay attention towards its maintenance.

2. Reed screens

The reed screens have a straw-like thickness
reed screens

You want something lightweight yet easy to handle. Reed screens can be an easy solution for them.

The reed screens have a straw-like thickness. You can install them on top of panels. This will give you privacy along with a fresh breeze.

  • They are not sturdy and due to lightweight they can easy to roll up and transport
  • Due to pressure, they can bend
  • You need to secure them to the chain-link fence using metal wires.

3. Wooden Fence Panels

A more permanent solution to upgrade your Chain Link fence is to install Wooden Fence panels.

It can be installed with brackets like reed screens, using bolt cutters to cut the fencing wire. Ask your friend to hold the panel and screw them to the main fence line. And viola! A lovely fence is ready.

What’s in the deal?

  • Wood fence panels are very durable and are long-lasting.
  • You also need to be handy and inventive to attach these.
permanent solution
upgrade your Chain Link fence

4. Iron fences

Ornamental iron fencing or wrought iron fencing? Both are wonderful types of iron fencing. You can play with the colors, styles, and designs to choose the appeal of your yard.

If you have a higher budget and want the fence to last long so you can blindly trust. on the iron fences.

What will you get?

  • The iron fencings looks elegant and sturdy
  • They are a bit expensive and require continuous attention towards maintenance.
  • The iron fences are both intimidating and prevent intruders from breaking in.
Ornamental iron fencing orwrought iron fencing
Both are wonderful types of iron fencing.

5. Vinyl fence

Vinyl fencing is a great option for secluding your backyard. It can be installed in similar styles to wooden fencing. Unlike chain link mesh. Vinyl doesn’t oxidize or rust after it’s been exposed to either sunlight or chemicals.

wooden fencing
Unlike chain link mesh

What does it offer?

  • It doesn’t rot or mold like a wooden fence
  • It can provide your family with privacy and quiet.
  • If you want the woody texture in your fence so don’t worry, vinyl fencing comes in wood tones too.

6. Rope with ivy

Want to give a natural touch to your chain link slats so put your hands down to ivy.

Ivy grows in an incredibly quick way. You can bend it into a few folds to give it an absolutely strong yet refreshing look.

Will it be a good option?

  • Ivy and rope both are inexpensive
  • Contrasting the ivy with different colored vines will beautify the chain link.
  • Ivy grows too quick and hides all the thorns and poisonous plants which can harm someone
colored vines
Ivy grows in an incredibly quick way

7. Vertical gardens and plantings

To amp up your chain link slat you can hang beautiful flower pots over them . It will add beautiful dimensions and colors to your fence.

Should you go for this option?

  • Before installing them do remember that the plants grow naturally so you need to be patient.
  • They can be expensive
  • They require your attention and time to upkeep.
To amp up your chain link slat
gardens and plantings

Things to keep in mind before opting any option

The first impression can be the last impression. Your fence depicts what kind of owners reside in.

Chain link fences are a popular choice when it comes to the enhancement of boundaries. But beautifying them is all your task.

Try to go simple with the option you have in mind and never forget to maintain what you have.

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