Choosing a Strata Plumber

When you are looking for strata plumbing services Sydney you need to take your time to find someone you can trust who has demonstrated an excellent track record and are dependable and skilled. When you choose someone who has that kind of backing you know they will deliver top-level service.

Services a strata plumber should offer

The plumber you choose should be able to offer a number of services including things like;

  • Being able to repair water pipes that might leak
  • Being able to unblock toilets and repair them
  • Being able to replace and repair gutters
  • Installing and repairing showers
  • Handling any problems caused by stormwater
  • Clean and unlock drains
  • Repair and trace issues with the gas lines

Traits to look for in a good strata plumber

When you are looking at strata plumbing Sydney services, you want to know if they can offer quality work, so ask if they offer a warranty or guarantee on their work. You want people who stand behind what they do. Some of the traits you would want to look for include the following;

  • Being efficient and professional at every dealing
  • Being punctual arriving on time each time you use them
  • Being polite and courteous to you and to people in the building
  • Being excellent at what they do
  • Being tidy and cleaning up after themselves
  • Being available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Offering value for money, the best skilled at the best price, not just the lowest price

Strata plumbers need to be able to handle anything

The strata plumbing services Sydney located need to be able to handle a lot of things. It is not quite the same as being a residential plumber, there are often unique requirements and experience helps. Try to form a good relationship with an experienced strata plumbing company to benefit from that knowledge and experience. At one end of the scale, they might need to handle an old lady who needs a tap washer changed and at the other end they might need to place a hot water system that supplies over a hundred apartments with hot water. With so many people involved and so much to the system, it is also important they can come any time of day or night as plumbing does not only need repairs and attention during the work day.


When choosing a strata plumbing Sydney-based service, you also need to decide whether you prefer a business that has more employees or whether you prefer somewhere that is a one-person business or just a few employees. There are pros and cons to each type but worth thinking about. Choosing a strata plumber is not going to be very simple and easy; it will take a bit of research and some time but that is worth the effort. There is less chance of things going wrong and becoming very expensive to handle. When you find a good strata plumbing service, try to hold onto them!

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