Ways to Clean Sheepskin Rug

You might know that natural sheepskin rugs are created from the skin of sheep. Wool fibers are permanently fixed to the sheepskin during the tanning process. Faux sheepskin rugs are usually produced from petroleum-based synthetic fibers. This season, sheepskin rugs are in popular demand. If you have already bought one for your house, you might be wondering how to clean a sheepskin rug. You need not stress regarding the cleaning process since we are here to help you out with this.

Things You Will Need to Clean a Sheepskin Rug

If you are wondering how to clean sheepskin rug, you must have the following types of equipment ready:

  • A vacuum cleaner
  • A large sink or a tub
  • A dull knife
  • A washing machine
  • Drying rack
  • Cloth towels
  • Large white cleaning cloths.

If you already have the types mentioned above of equipment, make sure that you also have the following materials:

  • Woolen wash
  • A good quality, gentle detergent powder
  • Baking soda
  • Corn starch
  • Hair conditioner
  • Paper towels

Steps You Need to Follow While Cleaning a Natural Sheepskin Rug

We advise you to follow rigorously the steps we have decided to discuss. Here is a pro-tip for you. To keep your natural sheepskin rugs in their best condition, do not keep them in the harsh sunlight. The harsh UV rays might damage the tanned rugs and leave them in bad condition. Here are some steps you can follow while cleaning the sheepskin rug:

Step 1: Shake the rug.

Shaking the rug rigorously will remove the loose soil and dust particles that are present in it.

Step 2: Brush the rug.

We suggest you wash a wool wire brush or a dog comb to brush the sheepskin rug. Brushing the rug will help you to reduce matting and restore the luster.

Step 3: Use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the rug properly.

It is not that difficult to vacuum a rug. Vacuuming a rug helps you to get rid of the sticky dust particles. It is better if you use plain suction mode instead of turbo and revolving brush heads, as it can be too harsh on the fibers and cause tangling.

Step 4: Spot clean the stains without wasting any time.

As soon as you spill anything on the rug, make sure to blot away any readily available liquid. In case you have spread something solid on the rug, use a dull spoon or a dull knife to remove it.

For oily stains, sprinkle the area with some cornstarch. Cornstarch absorbs the excess oil. Keep the cornstarch on the sheepskin rug for at least seven hours. After this, vacuum the rug properly.

For food and muddy stains, mix a solution of warm water and wool wash. Dip a white cloth in the solution and gently dab on the stained area. Make sure that you do not over wet the rug. When the stain is finally removed, blot the area with a cloth dipped in plain hot water and remove any residue that might be present. Do not forget to air dry the rug and then comb it to remove the fibers.

Step 5: Use baking soda to get rid of any smell.

None of us like a bad-smelling rug. Baking soda helps us to get rid of odors. Use your hands or a dog comb to work it down into the delicate fibers of the rug. Do not wash off the baking soda immediately. Allow it to stay on the rug for at least two hours. Keeping it overnight is even better! Do not forget to vacuum the sheepskin rug once it is done.

Step 6: Read the care label properly.

Before you wash a sheepskin rug, you need to carefully read the care label attached to it. The care label tells you the essential things that you must keep in mind while washing that rug. Some rugs must be dry-cleaned to prevent fading of the colors. Some sheepskin rugs are also labeled as machine washable. However, the safest way to clean a sheepskin rug is by handwashing it.

Step 7: Make your washing solution.

If you want your rug to be cleaned properly, you need to prepare the right type of washing solution. It is important that you make sure your wool wash is free from enzymes. Enzymes can damage the quality of the rug and make it harsh.

Step 8: Carefully submerge the rug.

We suggest you carefully submerge the rug in the washing solution. Then, gently squeeze in the washing solution in the fibers of the rug for around 10 minutes.

Step 9: Rise the rug properly and let it dry.

Drain the tub once you have finished cleaning the rug. Slowly fill the tub with fresh, cool water. Squeeze in the freshwater through the fibers of the rug. Make sure that you do not twist or wring the rug. Use heavy towels to absorb the excess water from the rug.

After this is done, hang the wet rug from a sturdy drying rug. Let it air dry. Make sure that you do not brush the fibers of the rug while it is wet. It will damage your rug.

Step 10: Once it is dried, brush the fibers.

 Once the sheepskin rug is finally dry, you need to brush the fibers of the rug. Use a wire brush or a gentle comb to brush the fibers of the rug.

Step 11: To smooth the fibers, use hair conditioner and warm water.

If you want to smooth the fur of the sheepskin rug, you should try using a solution of warm water and a hair conditioner. It makes the furs exceptionally smooth in texture.

To Wrap It Up

You need to keep certain things in mind while washing your brand-new sheepskin blanket. The best option is to handwash the rug, as it does not cause much damage to the rug. Make sure that you have the required materials and items with you. Using a gentle laundry detergent and a wool wash is always suggested. Do not keep a rug wet for hours. Never, keep a rug in sunlight to dry. The harsh UV rays of the sun damage the rug and make it harsh in texture. Air drying is always preferred as it gently dries the wet rug. The high heat level of the clothes dryer might damage the fur of the sheepskin rug. In case, the fibers become tangled, use a soft dog brush or a gentle bristled brush to remove the tangling. Brushing the fibers is necessary to maintain the texture of the fur. Keep in mind the above-mentioned tips while cleaning your sheepskin rug.

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