Does Modal Shrink? The Ultimate Guide about Washing and Caring

Modal fabric is used worldwide for being comfortable and shrink-resistant. Modal is a very soft and versatile fabric, technically modal is a kind of rayon fabric that is made of cellulose fibers. Japanese 1951 discovered this unique fabric and gave it properties better than rayon. It is not 100% natural and not totally man-made. Rayon does shrink easily so it poses a question does modal shrink easily also?

Well, modal shrinks also but its shrink is very minimal. You cannot consider it to be completely resistant to shrinkage but very less as compared to rayon fabric. It is usually known as an underwear fabric because of its durable and soft nature. When you wash your underwear it does not shrink and become stronger.

But there are some conditions where the modal shrinks. People wonder why does modal shrink? modal does not start shrinking very easily. It resists it as long as possible. Washing modal in hot water or in more than temperature 120, shrinks. Click here to explore more about how and why does modal shrink?

Blended Modal

A blended modal is when the modal is blended with other fabrics like cotton and polyester. Modal is less shrinkable as compared to other fabrics so when these fabrics are blended with modal they also become resistant to shrinkage.

Other fabrics when blended with the modal get benefited from the amazing characteristics of the modal. When modal is blended with other fabrics it does not lose its softness, durability, and comfort, it just becomes resistant to shrinkage like Modal fabric.

Modal when blended with cotton makes it more smooth and strong. Modal covers the weaknesses that exist in cotton. It helps cotton not lose its shape and size because of its shrink-resistant quality. Blending your favorite fabric with a modal makes your favorite fabric more resistant, smoother, and comfortable.

Is modal stretchable?

Modal is the most durable and stretchy fabric. With its many other qualities, it has one amazing feature that is it stretches according to your body shape but retains its own shape and size again. Being stretchable is the most common feature of modal as it makes it more comfortable and easy to wear.

If you are working long hours then a modal is the best choice to wear because it makes you feel more easy and cozy at the same time. You do not have to worry after stretching it because it has the quality to maintain the same shape and size for as many times as you want to wear this.

Is modal stretchable
How does modal shrink

How does modal shrink?

People have this question in mind does modal shrink? To answer this it can be said Modal does not shrink easily like other fabrics because it is more resistant than them. There are some conditions where it shrinks so you have to be very careful. Very hot and very cold water shrinks modal. There are higher chances that your modal will shrink if you wash it with hot water. It is better to be careful before washing it because it loses its resistance against hot water.

Modal manufacturers mention the dos and don’ts and other instructions for washing and using modal clothe. You must follow the guidelines to not ruin your comfortable clothes. Hot water is considered the main reason for the shrinking of the modal fabric.

Material/ Tools need to clean modal fabric

Modal fabric can be cleaned very easily. As it is a soft and delicate fabric it does not require harsh ways to make it clean and neat. The best thing about this fabric it does not need to be dry cleaned at dry cleaners. You can clean it just by washing it with your hands.


  • Washing Machine
  • Dryer
  • Washtub


  • Mild detergent
  • Oxygen based bleach
  • Stain remover liquid (if necessary)
  • Lukewarm water

What happens when you wash Modal clothes with your hands?

  • You can use stain remover liquids or bars to remove the stains if you have any on your modal and are curious about it. Use it directly on the stain and watch it go away.
  • To avoid any damage to your clothes you should consider washing your modal fabric with your hands. It is a soft and delicate fabric so must read the instructions on the label before cleaning it.
  • Use very mild detergent to wash it. It is made with knitted threads so harsh chemicals in detergents can damage your clothes. Mild detergents work best for cleaning modal.
  • Use normal water to clean your modal. Very hot and very cold water can make your modal shrink so try to avoid using these temperatures for your fabric.
  • Avoid chlorine bleach because it usually weakens the strength of clothes. Oxygen-based bleach is best to use.
  • Dry your clothes at low temperatures. Drying modal at higher temperature can also shrink it so you better avoid doing this.
What happens when you wash Modal clothes with hands
Modal Fabric

Step by Step Guide to Wash your Modal

Modal is not easily shrinkable even in the washing machine. The only thing you have to do is follow the instructions carefully to avoid ruining your clothes.

  • Always wash your modal clothes alone. You can also wash them with other fabrics like cotton or polyester that are similar to modal.
  • Say no to harsh and strong detergents. They can be harmful to your modal. Go for the mild conditioner to protect your model clothes because they are way more delicate than the other fabrics.
  • Use lukewarm or cold water to wash your modal clothes. It is already made clear at the beginning of this article that hot water is the main reason for why modal shrinks.
  • Set your washing machine timer and water temperature accurately to protect your modal from damage.
  • After washing it hand it to dry or you can also use a dryer but do not forget to dry it on medium heat because hot temperatures can shrink your models and are not suitable for the delicate fabric.

It is not mandatory to use a washing machine to wash the modal. You can hand wash it also and it also makes your clothes clean and protects them against damage. You can hand wash your modals following these steps.

  • Fill your washtub with lukewarm water.
  • Put a little quantity of mild detergent in the water.
  • Soak your clothes for 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Wash your modal fabrics with plain water until all the detergent is removed from them.
  • Hang them to dry or dry them using a dryer at low temperatures.

Tips to protect your modal clothes from damage

Here are a few tips compiled to guide you about taking care of your modal clothes. Following these, you can keep your modal clothes new, fresh and elegant for years.

  • Iron your modal carefully. It is better to iron inside out or place a cloth between iron and modal to give it a perfect finishing.
  • Do not wash it with fabrics of different colors or kinds. It can damage your modal’s color as it easily absorbs another fabric color.
  • Use oxygen-based bleach instead of chlorine bleach for your modals as chlorine can make your fabric weak.
  • Use low temperature for washing and drying your modal clothes.
  • Give it a delicate wash. If you wash your modal by hand, tumble dry it afterward to remove the excess water.
  • Keep your modal clothes clean and folded in a neat space to avoid stains and damage.
  • Do not keep your modal clothes hanging for a long time. They may lose their elasticity or flexibility due to fiber damage.

Wrap up

Modal with no doubt is an ideal fabric to deal with if you are looking for soft, comfortable, durable, and smooth clothes. Like other fabrics, it needs the care to protect it. If you take care of your modal accurately it will last for years and appear as if you just bought it a few days ago. Follow this ultimate guide to know does modals shrink and for tips to wash, dry, and take care of your modals properly to make them last longer.

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