Exploring modern garden room ideas

Thinking about designing a garden room? This windowed building can be the solution if your house needs a little more space and light. A garden room is by definition a windowed area with a completely shingled roof. A garden room is often a standalone backyard design concept, similar to a shed or a greenhouse. They may, however, also be built as an addition to an existing structure, much like a sunroom, conservatory, or orangery. 

We are all searching for a solution on how to increase the size of our property outside of the four walls that now enclose it. Given the high expenses of relocation, it is sensible to make greater use of what we already have by adjusting our garden plans to the practical and enjoyable demands of contemporary living. 

Ideas for modern garden rooms 

Building an independent room with a view of the garden, expanding your house into the backyard, or renovating an existing shed or outbuilding are all options for creating a bright, useful area within your home. Here are some of our top concepts for garden rooms, both connected and detached. 

Design the architecture on your own 

Look to your house for inspiration on how to design your garden room as all the structures on your property should have a similar sense of style. Expert modern garden room constructors used the same siding, roofing, and tiling for this pool house concept as they did for the main home. 

Constructing a garden room with an annex 

Consider building an annex-style garden room to link your home’s mudroom to your garage if you have one. Due to its location away from the main portion of the house, this kind of room is a strong candidate for a home office or gym. 

Don’t ignore local zoning regulations 

Check with your local building department to determine what is permitted for your land and if you’ll need permits or planning approvals to finish the project before deciding on a certain design or kind of building. 

You could be subject to rules on the size of your building, how far it must be from your property line, or if it can be used as an auxiliary housing unit, depending on where you reside (ADU). You should also think about your area and how your goals will affect the people there. 

A boundary wall is not an issue in and of itself, but you must be considerate of neighbors’ privacy and their right to light, so you may have to compromise on the height.  

Make the garden room an office space 

This semi-derelict agricultural store structure from the 17th century that has been transformed into a home office with space for relaxing meetings was furnished by Dunning & Everard. If your property already has a shed or barn, think about turning it into a room you can use all year round. Home offices, au-pair suites, and in-law flats may all be used in detached living areas. 

Property offices are becoming a major selling feature for purchasers, but Lindsay Cuthill of Savills believes that depending on where you live, they may or may not really increase the value of a home. In the country, there is often enough room to create one, but in a city, it is much more difficult. As a result, she predicts that homes with decent home offices already built into the yard would fetch a higher price. 

Have a space for entertainment 

According to architects, there has been a greater desire to develop outdoor leisure areas due to a greater understanding of the health advantages of being outdoors. Converting outbuildings into party barns with in-home bars, gym rooms, pool houses, and spas is a popular trend. 

Take a look at these ideas and go ahead with the best one out of them for your modern garden rooms construction. 

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