Fieldcrest Review 2022: Is This Prop Trading Company Worth It?

The Fieldcrest executive team comprises Forex traders and professionals with more than ten years of unique expertise who have worked for international investment companies. However, there is no additional information on who owns and operates the business, which is unusual given the usual transparency we find in the industry.

According to Fidelcrest, its mission is to support retail clients in achieving consistent gains over time. Fieldcrest is among the most renowned trading prop firms and funded trader account providers, with more than 6,000 active traders worldwide.

The company offers a variety of account size options designed to meet traders’ needs and skill levels. You will trade using a demo account and according to predetermined trading rules throughout the evaluation phase of the Fidelcrest marketing challenge. Account holders can obtain funds and begin trading more than 1,000 trading commodities once they have completed the task within the necessary trading session.

All Fidelcrest account users must know the company’s strict rules in their Trader Agreement. Any of these rules that are broken will result in account suspension.

Fieldcrest, is it governed?

Since Fidelcrest LLC does not act as a broker, it never holds or trades money. As a result, it does not require regulation. However, the Financial Conduct Authority regulates all leading brokers associated with Fidelcrest (FCA).

Accounts funded by Fidelcrest

Fidelcrest offers many accounts just as topstep broker, which span different risk levels and investments, is up for sale. Leveraged trading and access to more than 1,000 investment products were available on each financed account.

Small investors can use Micro (Micro Trader) accounts, which offer up to $25,000 in financing, to practice and test their risk management techniques. The Pro (Pro Trader) scheme for more prominent investors also provides up to $500,000 in the capital.

Additionally, you can trade using up to seven reputable brokers and various platforms like cTrader, meta-Trader 4, and Meta Trader 5. Furthermore, you can immediately switch brokers and platforms after each trading period, which lasts for 30 minutes.


If you buy the MicroFX trading competition with the promo code “2NDFREE,” you will receive a free second attempt if you do not meet the financial targets. Additionally, your Evaluation cost will be refunded to your bonus wallet if you finish the MicroFX Challenge. You can only use it to buy new challenge accounts; you cannot withdraw it. Get in touch with customer service to find out more information on Fidelcrest promo codes and contests.

Team for Customer Support

There are many ways to contact Fidelcrest customer service. Live chat is the quickest way to have your question or problem resolved. It is open 24 hours a day on work days, although they may respond to your chat request via email.

Unfortunately, weekends are not supported by live chat. The average response time, as stated on the website, is one minute. Email, social media, and a ticketing system are available to customers who prefer different modes of communication.


The constraints frequently enforced by many proprietary trading firms make it too difficult to access funding programs.

Fieldcrest has several limitations and restrictions, but they are all relatively straightforward.

See what they are now:

Reach the verification step goals within no more than 60 days and no less than 10, and the challenge test’s profit goal within a maximum of 30 days and a minimum of 10 (for Normal mode) or 5 (for Aggressive manner) trading days. Once the minimum profit and trading day goals have been met, close out all open positions. You may only trade with one Challenge account at once.


The prop company has some of the market’s most flexible terms and one of the most extensive profit-sharing programs. It allows traders to use complex trading strategies and buy and sell instruments.

Just like topstep trader, Fieldcrest-funded trader accounts’ various tiers make them an excellent option for all market participants, including novices, experienced traders, risk managers, and more. When compared to other funded trading accounts, Fidelcrest has a drawback.

It would help if you used the same instruments in all trading phases with Fidelcrest. According to their account management section in the knowledge base (under how my account is maintained), the issue is that you have to use a new account for each trading session or phase.

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