Guide To Buy A Right Heated Towel Rack For your Bathroom

Imagine stepping out of the bath and wrapping yourself in a cozy heated towel on a frosty morning. Who wouldn’t like that? If you do too, then you need a heated towel rack in your bathroom. Whether you’re renovating your existing bathroom or moving to a new house, don’t forget to install a heated towel rack in your bathroom.  

Today’s modern heated towel rack is an ultimate household essential that is designed to perform a vital function to keep you and your bathroom warm during the cold winter season. If you’re convinced by the idea of installing a heated towel rack to your and looking forward to purchasing one or more for your house. The following guide will help you to choose the best for you and your home. 

Types of Heated Towel Rack

You can find several types of heated towel racks in the market. Selecting the right type is one of the first considerations for buying a heated towel rack. There are three popular types you can choose from are;

1. Central Heated Towel Rack 

2. Electric Heated Towel Rack

3. Dual Fuel Heated Towel Rack

1. Central Heating Towel Rack 

As the name suggests, central heating tower racks are powered by your home’s central heating system. They are pretty popular in the USA and the UK homes, especially those located in the cold area. This is because the central heating towel rack is totally dependent on the central heating system. That means it will only work when its system is on; otherwise, it won’t. This characteristic of the central heating towel rack makes it ideal for areas that stay cold all around the year. 

2. Electric Heating Towel Rack

An electrician heated towel rack uses the main electricity to heat the towel and bathroom. It’s easy to install and cost-effective as compared to a centrally heated towel rack. In addition, you can turn it off when not using or during sunny days. That makes them the right choice for areas with both hot and cold weather. Also, it doesn’t require extending your plumbing system like mostly heated towel racks. 

3. Dual Fuel-Heated Towel Rack

A dual fuel heated towel rack is a creative way to get the best of both worlds- a central heard and the eclectic heated rack. It’s a more advanced heating system that allows you to heat your entire home and bathroom during the winter, and in summers, you’ll able to able to heat your bathroom only without having to turn on the central heating system of the whole. This feature makes due fuel-heated tower rack a perfect fit for every weather and home. 

Heated Towel Rack Designs 

There is a wide range of heated towel racks designs. You can pick anyone according to your preference and availability of space in the bathroom. 

1. Traditional Towel Racks 

If you’re a classic lover, a traditional heated towel rack is perfect for your home. These old fashions heating racks are very efficient and functional. They usually come in floor-mounted models. You can find reliable brands on amazon selling these traditional heated towel racks. 

2. Ladder Towel Racks 

It’s one of the most popular designs which you can find in the majority of homes. The ladder heated towel racks provide a very modern and minimalist touch to the bathroom. They come in wall-mounted models. 

3. Designer Heated Towel Racks 

The design of heated towel racks is the true representation of art. If you’re an art lower and your home is filled with art pieces, this design is perfect for your bathroom. It will enhance the house’s overall aesthetics and help you create a very artistic statement in your home. These racks could be a bit more pricey than other designs, but art comes with a price that is totally worth it. 

Heated Towel Rack Accessories

The design is an important consideration while buying a heated towel rack; however, you shouldn’t ignore the accessories (valves and elements).


Many heated towel racks come along with valves; however, you’ll have to buy them separately in some brands and models.  


The heating element is a vital part of the electric and dual fuel heating towel racks. There are different styles like traditional and contemporary; choose the one that complements the overall look of your bathroom.

Heated Towel Racks Material 

Choosing a rack material is another critical consideration while buying heated towel racks. Towel racks come in three types of material that are; 

  1. Chrome
  2. Mild Steel
  3. Stainless Steel

1. Chrome

Chrome material provides a very premium look and is one of the most popular choices of homeowners. In addition, it has an excellent BTU output that means it will offer you more heat while keeping your energy consumption low. 

2. Mild Steel

Milk steel is a bit economical material yet has a good quality. They are durable that makes them perfect for all homes. If you’re a bit short on budget, you can go with these. 

3. Stainless Steel 

Lastly, stainless steel doesn’t need any description. This material stands out because it cannot catch corrosion and rust that makes the towel rack long-lasting. 

Last words: 

These are some essential considerations that will help you choose the right heated towel rack for your bathroom. Remember, buying towel racks is an investment. Therefore, it’s vital to research the different models and their comparisons. 

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