How Long Does It Take To Paint A Room?

There are many things that one has to consider when deciding to get a room painted. From moving the furniture to the quality and coats of paint, a lot of time is consumed. The preparation time is extremely important as it helps in preventing damage to the furniture or any other items that are present in the room. It also helps in making the final results look cleaner and more precise. So it is best not to rush any of the stages that occur when painting a room. There are so many factors that determine exactly how much time it would take to paint a room. 

Getting Started To Paint A Room

Preparation Time To Paint A Room

Yes, painting a room can be time-consuming, but it works best if done with precision. Rushing things often leads to mistakes or damages that could’ve been easily avoided. A great rule of thumb is to dedicate 1 to 2 hours of preparation time for the room. During this time, all the peripheral items in the room, such as furniture, decorative ornaments, lamps, amongst others, need to be moved out of the way for painting. If there are items that cannot be removed, then covering them with no damaging materials can do just the trick. 

Painters tape is very important here as it helps in providing clean shape as well as keeping the corners, switches, and other wall mounts to be safe. Once the entire room is empty, have a look around the corners and switches to see if there are any places left that the painter’s tape did not cover. Make sure to clean any dust or sediment from the wall before starting the painting process. It is a good idea to get high-quality painter’s tape; saving a few bucks may lead you to run into bigger problems later in the process. 

How Much Does Size Matter?

The size of the room heavily determines how much time it will take to paint the room. It also tells us how much paint is required for the room as well as the number of coats it may need. It is best to estimate the size of the walls in both height and width for optimal accuracy. Large walls consume more resources and time, so it is best to know how big the room is, so you know how much time to allocate to paint it. 

Do You Want To Paint One Wall Or A Room?

Sometimes people want to paint just one wall, whether it’s for decorative, artistic, or even maintenance purposes, it consumes less time and paint as well. The preparation time is also quite less in regards to this situation. But as always it is imperative to remove all valuables, furniture, decorations lamps, etc., from the area to prevent damage and loss. 

Applying The Paint In A Room

With two hours of preparation time consumed, you will now be entering the third hour of this process. This is where you begin the application of the paint to the walls. The size of the rooms plays an important factor as to how long it would take to paint the room. If it is a solo job, then a large roller of 14 to 18 inches can be used to apply the paint.

A large roller will cover more surface area as well as allow for easier application if the walls are large, the use of an extension rod is recommended as well. Painting a room that is bigger than 10 by 10 with precision may take around 2 hours or more. A smaller room can easily be painted within the time frame by a huge margin. 

How Many Coats To Paint A Room?

The amount of coast required by the walls is determined by their size. Larger walls need more coats while smaller walls require less. Perhaps one more  important factor to consider is the type of paint being used water based paints dry much faster and do not require multiple coats, while oil-based paints dry slower and require one or two more coats. 

In How Much Time Will The Walls Dry?

It is recommended to let the paint dry for about 48 hours. This ensures that the paint has dried completely. Setting items back with un-dried paint can result in a huge annoyance which will be time-consuming. 

Cleaning Up After You Paint A Room

Once the 48 hours have passed, and the paint has dried up completely, it’s time to put the room back together. Take off all of the painters’ tapes and relish in those clean, sharp corners. Put the furniture back first, once that is done time to add back what the furniture was being used for. If there is a book-shelf put the books back, the decorative items also go back, and so do the other items that were removed during the preparation time. This entire process will take around 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the size of the room, the amount of furniture, and other items.

How To Quickly Paint A Room?

Perhaps the best way to paint a room fast is to have all the necessary equipment at hand. If you have the best equipment by your side, the process gets shortened quite significantly according to the size of the room. A large extension pole with the 14 o 18 inches roller do just the trick, preparatory materials such as covers and painter’s tape should also be at your disposal for shortening the preparation time as well. 

Hiring Pros to paint a room

If you just want to repaint a wall that got a little damaged or for even art, then it is better to do it yourself. You will end up saving a lot of money, and it may actually be of convenient for you. But if the goal is to redo an entire room with something that requires extreme precision, such as a specific design element, then it is better to hire professionals. The best thing to do is to assess what you want and also what the room requires.


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