How To Choose The Right Swimming Pool For Your House

Like everything else, swimming pools also come in different designs, types, sizes and shapes. Each one of them has various features and purposes. For example, some indoor pools are designed for entertainment purposes, and some are for athletic training. Furthermore, with a variety of designs and sizes, an indoor pool cost of installation can vary. 

So, if you’re thinking of installing an indoor pool in your house, you should start by knowing all the different types of the indoor pool. Once done, it will help you pick the right pool according to your budget and purpose. That said, here’s everything you need to know about the indoor pool. 

Type of Pool: Inground or above ground?

Before you jump to the pool construction bandwagon, you need to decide which pool type you’ll consider for your house. Inground and above ground swimming pools are the two main types of swimming pools, and then, there are various designs in both of these pool types. 

  • Above Ground Pool:

Above ground pool is the most affordable type of home swimming pool. These best suit middle-class families who don’t want to spend a fortune on a luxurious swimming pool. These pools are easy to install and offer much portability. There are easy to maintain and can easily fit in the backyard of your home and even indoor as well. 

  • In-Ground Pool:

In-ground pools fall in the expensive category of the pool. As the name suggests, these pools are installed below the ground level. There is a huge variety to choose from in the in-ground pools. They come up in the following three materials;

Types of Pool Material

1. Concrete 

This material is among the most popular choices of in-ground pools all over the world. Besides being the most expensive, it offers excellent durability and longevity. The best thing about the concrete pool is that you can form them in any shape, design and size, which provide homeowners with a huge room for creativity and customization to construct their dream pool. The duration of complete pool installation can take around 1 to 3 months. 

2. Vinyl 

Vinyl can be used for both the above and in-ground swimming pool. It is less expensive than a concrete pool and takes about 1 to 2 weeks for full installation. The process consists of preparing a pool whole and inserting a liner that is attached by a steel or aluminium frame. 

3. Fibreglass 

Fibreglass is among the most affordable swimming pool material. It comes in one piece from the factory and is easy to install. The whole process is very straightforward. Many people install these pools by DIY methods as well. All you need is to dig a hole and place a ready-made fibreglass moulded shell. If you’re using a contractor, the whole installation can take around three days.

Shape and design of Indoor Pool

Thanks to technology, swimming pools now come in a huge variety. As a result, you can find many different attractive pool shapes and designs. Some of them include the infinity pool, architectural pool, lap pool, natural pool, Olympic size pool, plunge pool, etc. However, if you’re thinking of installing a pool in your backyard or indoor pool, the following factors might help you select the right layout. 

1. Space

Space availability has a crucial role in indoor pool construction. Before you select any pool design or type, you need to have a clear look at the size of your backyard or indoor space. The dimension of the available space will dictate the suitability of the swimming pool design and shape.

2. Budget

Budget is another critical factor while choosing any swinging pool type and design. The cost of an indoor pool can start from $40,000 and goes up to a million-dollar. So, basically, there’s no limit to how much you want to spend on a pool. Setting a budget would help you pick the right pool design and size for your home. 

3. Number of users

Are you a family one who just want a pool for spending little time with his family? Or is it for a weekend get together with friends? Keeping the number of users in mind will help you select the best swimming pool for your house. For example, L shape pools are quite popular for family entertainment. 

4. Features 

Swimming pools are not just about swimming. You can add many features to them as well. For example, waterfalls, swim spas, fountains, ladders and automatic swimming pool cover, etc. However, these features come with an additional price, and some of them required a certain design and type of pool. So, while selecting a swimming pool, you need to think about the features that you would like in your indoor pool. This will help in making the right choice. 

Final Words:

That’s it. We’ve discussed all different swimming pool types, designs and styles. We hope that this article has helped you to find a suitable pool for your home.