How To Clean a Wool Rug: House Keeping Tips

A wool rug or carpet is among the top home decor items. They are loved by the vast majority of the homeowner, interior designers, and celebrities. The reason behind the over-popularity of rugs is their features and their ancient importance. In some traditions, they are passed down to the families for generations. So you can imagine how the durability of the rugs from it. In addition, wood rugs feel very comfortable underfoot. In addition, the renewable fiber is very durable and deters all the growth of bacteria. Wool rugs are known for their longevity and durability. 

However, all the features aside, they do require cleaning like other house essentials once in a blue moon. Now, the question is not many homeowners know how to clean a wool rug. But before we answer that, you should understand how often to clean a wood rug. Let’s find out. 

How Often You Should Clean a Wool Rug

Depend on the type and thickness of the wool rugs; they’re naturally prone to catch dust and grime. Regular maintenance is vital for maintaining the sharpness of the fiber and increasing the beautiful rugs’ lifespan. Don’t be alarmed by it. It’s essential to keep your colorful wool rugs from shedding. Now that you know how often to clean a wool rug let’s find out how to clean a wool rug? 

How To Clean A Wool Rug

For wall-to-wall wool carpeting or antique rug cleaning, you’ll probably want to use a professional rug cleaning service. However, for regular cleaning, you can use a good quality vacuum cleaner that comes with a beater bar. Here are the steps that will help you to clean your wool rugs. You can also use it for once-a-year cleaning. The things you’ll need to for cleaning require;

  • Two buckets
  • Coldwater
  • Vacuum
  • Rug beater (Optional)
  • Old towels 
  • Broom
  • Gentle wool wash detergent 
  • Fan (Optional)

Step 01: Shake off the excess dirt

Depending on the material, your rugs tend to collect dirt more or less than other types. That’s why the first step is to remove the exess dirt from the rug. Choose a sunny day and take your rug outside. Hand it over a clothesline or any other sturdy thing. Grab a broom, racket, or rug beater (if you have it in our home) and start beating it until the rug loses all the embedded dirt. Use the same technique on both sides. 

Step 02: Vacuum the Rug 

Once the excess dirt is removed, now you need to vacuum the rug. Remove the rug from the clothesline and spread it on the floor or any deck. Turn on the vacuum and start coving all the spots. Make sure to do it well and leave no trace of dust on the rug. 

Step 03: Prepare a Detergent Solution

After vacuuming now, you can start the damp cleaning process. For that, you need to get two buckets of cold water ready. Next, add one or two tablespoons of Woolite or any homemade cleaning detergent into the bucket.  

Step 04: Scrubbing 

If you’re doing it for the first time, don’t dip the detergent solution all over the rub because it might be a strong solution and damage the rug. So start by covering a small sport by simply dipping a sponge into the detergent solution and scrubbing one spot of the rug. Make sure to give gentle pressure while sponging. 

In case if there are any stains. It would be best if you gently clean it by using a recommended stain remover. Similarly, before using the stain remover on the rug directly, you should test it on a white piece of cloth. Once tested then you can gently start removing the stain while using lukewarm water. Remember, never use bleach on the rugs; the chemical can result in discoloration. 

Step 05: Rinse Away 

After sponging a selected spot with the detergent solution, you need to dip the sponge in another bucket with fresh cold water and rinse the area you just cleaned. This step is vital because leaving any quantity of detergent in the rug attracts soil or damages the rug in the long term. So make sure to rinse away all the detergent from the rug after cleaning. 

Step 06: Bloating the moisture

Grab two towels and use them to dry all the excess moisture from the rug, Do this in steps; cover each area one by one. 

Step 07: Allow to Dry 

 Once you’re done cleaning and bloating the moisture now, you should start the drying process. There are several techniques you can use for drying the rug. The easy one is to hang the rug in the open air and let the sunny climate dry it completely. However, if the weather is not sunny, you can also grab a dehumidifier or some fans. Then, simply prop the rug against the wall and set up a large fan or multiple smalls fans to dry the rugs quickly. 


If you’re worried about how to clean a wool rug, we hope this guide has helped you. You can also involve your kids and make the rug clean a very interactive and entertaining experience. 

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