How to Pressure Wash a Pool Deck

Pools are where we spend some fun time with friends and family. But like everything on earth, pools also get dirty and require cleaning. A dirty pool looks bad, and it’s very unhealthy too. That’s why you should never ignore a dirty pool for much longer.

So how do you wash a pool fast and comfortably? The first thing that comes to our mind is to pressure wash it. But is it okay to do? How to do it correctly, and what are the issues with pressure wash?

Can you pressure wash a pool deck?

You can pressure wash a pool deck, but it’s not a super ideal thing to do. A pressure wash can damage your pool deck if the deck is not suitable for pressure wash or if you do it frequently. But with proper knowledge and care, you can wash pool deck DIY.

A pressure washer may contain chemicals that resist mould and fungus, and the chemicals may be problematic if the waterfalls are inside your pool. Let’s find out the right ways to clean your pool deck.

How to pressure wash a pool deck?

Pool decks can become dirty if you do not properly care for your pool and deck. You can’t always hire professionals to clean your pool deck, which will be costly. You should learn the basic maintenance and cleaning of your pool and ensure it does not harm it.

Here are some of the steps you can follow to pressure wash your pool deck.

Step 1: Adjust your pressure washer speed

Firstly you need to adjust your pressure wash speed. You should use moderate pressure to clean your pool deck. And remember, using a pressure washer without experience can be quite dangerous. Set a moderate pressure that is enough to clean the deck. Too high pressure can deteriorate the concrete of your pool deck.

Step 2: Create an angle while washing

Do not use the washer at a 90-degree angle. It will directly pressure your pool deck surface. Instead, wash at a lower angle. This is how water will not directly hurt the pool deck surface.

How often should you wash the pool deck?

There is no exact frequency to wash your pool deck. Because it depends on how quickly your pool deck gets dirty. In some seasons, you will need to clean your pool deck less often, while in some seasons pool deck can get dirty quickly.

If there are trees near your deck pool, the pool gets dirty easily. Pools in cities with a lot of pollution are prone to get dirty easily.

You need to focus on the pattern of your pool deck getting dirty and determine the perfect frequency to clean your pool deck. Clean your pool deck when the deck is not too dirty. You will have to put in a lot of effort when the pool is too dirty.


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