How to pull off the Urban Decor Style at Your Living

How often do you go to the salon to shape yourself? Does everybody need a makeover? Right? In the same way, our house needs a makeover too.

It is believed that modern interior design brings positive energy to your house. As well as it gives you immense pleasure and a sense of joy.

If you are not sure about what look will seem fit while redecorating your house you can give Urban Decor Style a try.

What is Urban decor style?

The concept of Urban Decor Style got its roots in city lofts and warehouses. The places where people would convert these spaces into their homes.

The style blends sleek and contemporary components with raw, industrial-based motifs. The blend of old and new designs gives rise to the Urban look.

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Aren’t sure about the trend of Urban decor style?

The enviable emphasis on comfort and the demands of glamorous city life. Always make the urban decor style trendy.

This decorative style is also great for a modern penthouse or the rooftops of the city. The light and airy spaces can take full advantage of the urban architectural theme.

Are you still embracing the visionary furnishings and sumptuous decor of the urban style? So continue reading. In this blog, we will be illustrating the Urban decor style.

Urban decor style
The urban decor style trendy.

1. Contrasting and complementary materials

Who doesn’t want to keep the feeling of their home unique, welcoming, and playful? If you are one of them, follow the urban decor style.

Soft furnishings can be combined with contrasting yet bright materials.  This design style pulls a room together with cosmopolitan influence.

For example, metallic framed mirrors, metallic railings on staircases, and antique-colored picture frames. All of the stuff can be placed on lighter shade walls to give a brilliant look.

metallic framed mirrors
follow the urban decor style

2. Calming tones and hues

The urban decor style is all about creating a serene yet perfectly-styled home.

It is necessary to feature your wall. Don’t forget to use warmer tones to highlight your industrial tones.

You can even use an earthy colored wallpaper or a mural instead of painting a feature wall.

highlight your industrial tones.
feature your wall

3. Urban style floorings

Flooring is that one room design element that often gets neglected in the renovation of a house.

How you lay it out could change the mood of the space.

To create depth, wood and stone flooring gives the perfect Urban look. And they complement the soft tones of the walls amazingly.

one room design element
the perfect Urban look

4. Add statement pieces

If you want to introduce interesting elements to the look. You should feature the statement pieces.

Do you want to build an oasis in your Urban desert? So place patterned rugs, large artworks, distinctive floor-to-ceiling drapes, vintage ornaments, and furniture

By incorporating just one or two statement pieces. You can get the minimal yet industrial urban look in no time.

introduce interesting elements
By incorporating just one or two statement pieces.

5. Soft Furnishings

No urban-styled room would be complete without the introduction. Which is all about comfortable home furnishings to soften the look of your place.

Thick rugs made out of

  • natural materials in warm tones
  • natural colored throws
  • cushions along with large comfortable sofas

Will give you an inviting look!

You can create an earthier look by adding shades of green, brown, or yellow to the statement pieces. You are opting to buy.

urban-styled room
Soft Furnishings

6. Urban accessories

Do you want to introduce lively colors with minimal effort?

To give life to your place you can introduce plants and botanicals. With white and black themes the green-colored indoor plants will work so well.

Just make sure one thing. The decorative objects you are displaying should be functional, purposeful as well as beautiful. These will be great additions to your Urban Decor Style.

ntroduce lively colors
decorative objects you are displaying

7.  Subtle continuity

The noticeable part of urban style decor is that there is a level of continuity throughout the house.

A clever and subtle way to create continuity is to use a common color to tie everything together.

This could either be the color of your walls or the furnishings. To synchronize the urban style you can also use the complimentary fabrications. You can use the same pattern or texture as well.

 a common color
noticeable part of urban style decor

8.  Lighting considerations and art:

Do you want to draw everyone’s attention to the art and sculptures you have placed? Track lighting can be a solution to this issue.

You can use the spotlight or can direct lighting on a painting, poster, or print.

Don’t clutter the room with so many collections. Open space is as important as the spaces you put in the space.

 draw everyone's attention
considerations and art

Final Words

With a few simple changes, it’s easy to create a beautiful urban design in your home.

When you look for items to give an authentic urban vibe to your home. Remember to keep elements from the industrial age in mind

Enjoy the art of blending old, vintage-inspired pieces. Alongside modern ones for the absolute space.

If you find any of the ideas helpful, don’t forget to leave a comment about them!

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