Instagram Worst Wall – A Big SCAM!

I’m recalling the concept of one of the best scams ever in 2019. Yeah! Because it trapped a lot of people.

It was a scam in which a user gets a DM on Instagram. It’s a link embedded in a message. Just like

Hi (NAME) you’re actually on here, @The_Nasty_List_918, your number is (Any Number – Multiples of 5 mostly)! It’s really messed up!

Or Such as,

These are the worst people to use Instagram ever. Click the link. 

Or it might be a video thumbnail having sex-related content to attract you. Or nude content. 

What to do? Just avoid it.

The DM comes up with different sorts of messages. But what’s the common?

You actually land on an Instagram page. What’s next? We’ll discuss in the section “How do They Scam You?”

I hope you still understood what it is. 

When Was It Introduced?

All the things started in July 2019. This message came like a BOOM! Everyone started sharing their stories on forum pages like Quora, Reddit etc. 

I hope if you were active on Instagram at that time, you might have received any DM like the above one. If YES, then please share the story with us. 

What was the story behind it?

It was a sort of virus to hack people’s data. It wasn’t limited to a certain region. It was an entire campaign. A BIG CAMPAIGN! Which trapped a huge number of people. 

How Do They Scam You?

Scammers using Instagram Worst Wall, trap you by sending a DM as discussed above. If you click the DM’s link, you land on a page. Just as similar to Instagram’s Login Page. Like this,

Instagram Worst Wall - A Big SCAM!
Recalling Instagram Worst Wall SCAM! You Should Know It

It doesn’t offend you and you simply log in your details. THAT’S THE TRAP!

The fact To Know is that you aren’t logging into real Instagram. In fact, this is the page design by the SCAMMERS and they try to get your login data through it.

What did you do? You just gave them access to your account.

What to do if this trapped you?

There Are only two conditions after getting the DM. One is you didn’t pay attention and kept working on your daily tasks. The second is that you entered your login information and got trapped into Instagram’s Worst Wall scam.

What if You Don’t Enter Your Details?

I may tell you that you’re a GENIUS. Because you don’t pay attention to useless things. You just avoided it and are safe.

They don’t have your login details so you’re safe. But still, if you’re feeling unprotected then you can CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD and that’s a good choice.

What If You Enter Your Details?

If you enter your details into such a SCAM, then never expect anything good. They’re going to use your personal data and account. Spread false and violating things. Access your other details like Bank Accounts and other things if affiliated.

What should you do when trapped in the Instagram Worst Wall scam?

Simple, go immediately and CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD as early as possible. 

PRO TIP: Use Instagram’s security feature called ‘Two-Step Authentication.’ What’s this going to do? 

Two-step authentication involves your phone number. Whenever you login into Instagram through any device, you’ll receive a CODE on your smartphone. Which you’ve to enter to get access. 

Even if the hacker got your details, then he/she isn’t able to get access. That’s just because of the TWO-STEP AUTHENTICATION – a special feature by Instagram.

Doesn’t it feel secure? Yeah! It’s reliable and secure.

Share Your Story – Sharing is Caring

The most important thing to avoid SCAM in society is ‘spreading awareness about it.’ If you experience any of the scams, then don’t forget to share your story on Forum pages, with your friends and family members.

So that other people never fall into such tricky traps.

Some Other SCAMS!

You should be aware of all the types of SCAMS. 

Sales SCAM

Another common scam on Instagram is Sales Scam. It’s just like a Fake Business Account that creates posts about different products. People fell into buying them.

They send their card details and their balance turns into ZERO. They lost everything just at a single moment. 

Quick Rich SCAM

This is also a common type of scam. Mostly seem nowadays. In this scam, a fake company offers a lucky withdrawal. They ask for your personal details and trap you.

Winning a Prize – SCAM

You receive DMs like, ‘Hi, you just have won a brand new Lamborghini with $20,000. Click the link below to get more details.’

It’s just totally a SCAM! Don’t get into it.


Social Media is full of scams like the Instagram Worst Wall scam. Never pay attention to any useless activity, just focus on the work. So you’ll never fall into such traps. 

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