Natural Gas Patio Heaters To Complement Your Courtyard: Patio Heater Buying Guide

Winters are usually deemed as dark and bleak. But have you ever tried to know the reason behind this negative connotation attached to the winter’s season? No, right? There are many reasons, but one of these many reasons is the restriction of socializing.

You might not agree with it, but in winters people are more confined to their houses and prefer to stay indoors rather than going out and about all day. And for this very particular reason, we have winnowed down the best natural gas patio heater options for you.

These natural gas patio heaters will aid you in socializing even in the dark and bleak winter season. The most important quality that these heaters possess is the warmth and comfort that makes even the chilly courtyard suitable and comfy as the central heated indoor areas of your house.

Before you decide what type of patio heater you want to buy, there are certain features that you need to consider.

Why go for natural gas patio heaters?

The first and foremost question that would pop up in your mind is whether to go for natural gas patio heater or an electric patio heater. Well, do not fret as we have covered all your queries. 

Natural gas patio heaters are better than electric patio heaters in a plenitude of ways. The reason behind this is that the natural gas heaters are warmer and produce better heat output than the electrical ones. Natural gas patio heaters are a better choice to make. Owing to the natural combustion process of natural gas, 

Furthermore, natural gas patio heaters are cheaper and more cost-effective than electrical ones. Firstly, they do not consume any electric power hence lesser bills. Secondly, they are available at cheaper rates in the market than the electrical ones.

Now that we have talked about which patio heater to buy let’s move on to the features that are to be considered while buying a natural gas patio heater.

Features to Consider: Mandatory!

There are certain features that you need to consider while buying a patio heater to complement your courtyard. Those features are:

Types of Natural Gas Patio Heaters: Free-standing Or Mounted?

Although there are many types of natural gas patio heaters, the two main categories or types that are most recommended are:

  • Free-standing Patio Heaters: As its name suggest, these type of patio heaters are more versatile and easy to handle than the mounted ones. You can take and fix these heaters wherever you want to according to the need of your guests. Hence, free-standing natural gas patio heaters could be the best investment you have ever made.
  • Mounted Patio Heaters: There are two types of mounted patio heaters, one is a wall-mounted patio heater, and the second one is a ceiling-mounted patio heater. These are unique in their way. And it is totally up to you and the space that you have decided to dedicate for patio heaters.

Ignition System: A matter of concern?

When you are choosing a natural gas patio heater for your courtyard, go for the one which is ignited. That is to say, the heaters can be started with a button, a remote, or a valve. This feature is a lifesaver as it saves your time and energy in the cold atmosphere.

British Thermal Unit/ BTU: What’s that?

A British thermal unit or BTU is a unit of heat. These units allow you to guess that what amount of heat your heater is going to produce. Check this feature before making your purchase.

Best Natural Gas Patio Heater Options To Choose From

For your ease of buying, we have winnowed down the names of some best natural gas patio heaters that would complement your backyard in style and comfort.

1. Hampton Bay Patio Heater: Go For It!

Hampton bay patio heater is the best option for your backyard/courtyard as it is made to heat up to 200 square feet with its sleek mushroom-type modern appearance. This heater is inexpensive and has a perfect ignition system along with 48000 BTUs.

2. Frontgate Commercial Patio Heater: Sturdy!

This frontage commercial patio heater is perfect for outdoor dining and get-togethers at a small or big scale. It provides up to 46000 BTU’s along with its sturdy look and portable wheels, which allows you to take and fix it wherever you want to.

3. Heater 45000 BTU Propane Tank: Affordable

If you are looking for a heater that is pocket-friendly and possesses all the features that you need, then Mr. Heater has come to your aid. This heater provides 45000 BTUs, hence perfect for your courtyard.

4. Bromic Black Tungsten: Mounted Patio Heater

Bromic Black Tungsten is a wall-mounted patio heater that you can set up anywhere on any wall in your courtyard. This heater can be revolved around and provides heat at each and every inch of your backyard.

5. Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze Patio Heater: Easy to handle

This is an extremely portable natural gas heater that provides you with 46000 BTUs and is perfect for a small get-together. If you are planning a get-together or a party on a large scale, then you would need to buy two or three of them.

6. Sunglo Black Natural Gas Patio Heater: It has everything!

This is the type of patio heater that all of us would want to buy. The reason is that it provides 50,000 BTUs along with an efficient ignition system and portable wheels that would complement your courtyard in style and comfort perfectly.

Final Words:

We have listed down all the important information, from critical instruction to consideration, that can help you choose the best patio heaters. We hope this guide has provided you everything you were looking for. 

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