Pixel 3 League of Legends Image

Pixel 3 League of Legends Image

With the release of the Pixel 3XL, there are now two smartphones that offer a maximum display size of Galaxy Note 9-inches. This has made it one of the most popular devices to play strategy games on, such as League of Legends. The Pixel 3XL offers a 3340 x 1440 resolution, which is more than double that of the Pixel 3.

One reason for this might be that the Pixel 3XL has more memory – 6GB instead of 4GB – meaning it can hold more in-game assets and data. In comparison, the Galaxy Note 9 only has 4GB of internal storage space and doesn’t support expandable storage. Additionally, some gaming enthusiasts prefer playing their games on large displays because they feel it gives them an advantage over their opponents.

Other reasons include pixel density and multitouch sensitivity.


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