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Creating a website is a good step toward a business mindset. But many people struggle while getting traffic to their sites.

Creating and Designing a website isn’t a game. Its maintenance and organic traffic is the REAL THING for which sites compete.

Are you one of them who’s not getting enough traffic to their site?

Don’t worry, this article is going to help you.

Moz brought a LATEST REPORT [1] for you which tells us how important CTR (Click Through Rate) is important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Creating and Designing a website isn’t a game
Moz brought a LATEST REPORT

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique used to rank different blogs, pages, videos and any sort of content on the most popular search engines.

Why is SEO important?

What do you think if your site gets ranked? Yeah! Right. If it ranks then it’s more likely to get more audience. An increase in the audience will increase CTR and CTR pays you.

So what? You’re going to make more revenue with the help of a simple strategy called SEO.

Want to know about SEO? Here’s Backinko’s Complete Guide on SEO [2].

What is CTR?

CTR stands for Click Through Rate. It means the number of clicks on your site or content.

Why is CTR important?

Don’t you want to see your content on the first page of Google? If YES, then you should know that CTR plays an important role.

You can simply understand

That more clicks will rank your site up and up.

How to get more CTR?

Every content and site owner wants to rank their site. That’s why they do whatever they can do. They simply don’t want to miss out on any step.

CTR is one of those important factors that make your site ranked on Google. To get CTR the following ways will work.

  • Backlink Strategy
  • CTR Bot

Backlink Strategy

The most authentic and reliable way of getting more CTR is using the ‘backlink strategy.’ What’s a backlink?

If someone (another content creator) links your site in their content, then it’d be a backlink for you. Google Algorithm includes a keen check on backlinks. More the number of backlinks assures more chances of getting ranked.

For instance,

Interested in knowing about the Backlink Strategy [2]?

This blue underlined link is a backlink for the site Backlinko. I hope you got the concept.

CTR Bots

Getting so many backlinks is a difficult process and expensive too. Everyone doesn’t go for a backlink strategy. That’s why many people go with an artificial CTR getting option called CTR Bot.

CTR Bot uses robots to make clicks on the content or site.

Honest View: This technique was effective years ago. Now Google’s Algorithm makes updates and easily tracks CTR Bots. For a long term journey, CTR Bots affect your site’s authority. It’s not a reliable way of getting traffic.

So what can you do now to get more traffic without spending much money?

SERPs might be a good option in this case.

What are SERPs?

If you search for something on Google. Such as,

‘What are SERPs?’

After clicking the button, results appear on a page which is called SERPs (Search Engine Results Page)

results appear on a page which is called SERPs
Search Engine Results Page

Why is SERPs BOT better than an ordinary CTR Bot?

Sr. No SERPs Bot Simple CTR Bot
1. SERPs work on Google’s Algorithm better. Simple CTR Bot doesn’t work on Google’s Algorithm.
2. Long-term impact. Very Short-term impact.
3. Brings organic traffic or uses the bots that click the link actually. Brings the bots that just change the number (don’t click the link in REAL)
4. Reliable Option SCAM!
5. Authorized Search Engines traffic like Google, Bing etc. Babylon traffic.

Best SERPs Software – For More CTR is the largest network for getting high-quality CTR and improving the ranking of your site. helped a massive number of people.

  • Brings Organic Traffic
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SERPEmpire is also a great network for getting an enormous number of CTRs on your site and getting ranked.

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  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Geotargeted Audience
  • Customizable Campaign
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  • Unlimited Capacity

View more on their SITE ADDRESS [4]. vs. SERPEmpire

Sr. No SERPEmpire
1. is more reliable and trusted because thousands of people are availing it. SERPEmpire isn’t much trusted because it has fewer customers.


2. ✓ has cheap rates.


SERPEmpire has expensive packages.
3. ✓ uses quality BOTS that remain on your site for a long time. SERPEmpire uses real people for generating CTR which costs more and people don’t remain on your site.
4. ✓ Less Bounce Rate. More Bounce Rate. vs. SERPEmpire
 Packages from SearchSEO.ioSERPEmpire Pricing
More Bounce Rate.

A VERY IMPORTANT POINT: How Does Bounce Rate Affect Your Rankings?

If people visit your site and just after 2-3 seconds (short period in seconds) they go off, then it’s considered a BOUNCE. The number of bounces per number of people equals BOUNCE RATE.

That’s why,

More Engaging Content ~ Less Bounce Rate

Google doesn’t just rank the page that is written and embedded with unnecessary keywords. Nor consider CTR much as compared to readers’ time on your site.

Google see if the readers are spending more time on your site. This means that your site has really engaging and quality content that readers want to get.

That’s why Google prioritizes such content over more CTR content.


After the comparison, it can be clearly seen that has won the battle. If you’re looking for a CTR Generator then is a great choice for you.

Last Words: An Honest Opinion

If you’re looking to make a GENUINE HIGH-INCOME blog then I’ll never suggest using BOTs is for you. That’s because Google’s Algorithm is becoming smarter. It started tracking every artificial way of getting a high response.

Google will never rank your page if you do something SCAM to Google. That’s why work hard and go with Organic Traffic by genuine marketing tactics.

Neil Patel’s Blogging Guide [6] is for you.

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