Top 8 Natural Laundry Detergents to Use If You Care for Your Environment

Global warming is a very real and dominant threat looming over our heads. Earth is warming at an alarming rate due to our negligence. Plastics, chemicals are the two top factors that play a huge part in ruining our environment. They are present in all the products ranging from cosmetics to detergents and other products. … Read more

How To Clean a Wool Rug: House Keeping Tips

A wool rug or carpet is among the top home decor items. They are loved by the vast majority of the homeowner, interior designers, and celebrities. The reason behind the over-popularity of rugs is their features and their ancient importance. In some traditions, they are passed down to the families for generations. So you can … Read more

A Perfect Guide on How to Do the Mid-Century Decor

They say fashion trends come back after every 20 years. That is very true in the case of home decor trends. Mid-century modern designs were very famous back in the day due to their bold colors and simple yet sophisticated look. Since millennials love classic things, this home decor trend is every millennials’ favorite. Mid-century … Read more

4 Ways to Fix a Leaking Ceiling (+ Tips for Preventing Severe Damage)

Leak in the ceiling is a very common plumbing problem that can cause severe damage to your house and health. You can easily detect it by signs like sagging drywall, buckling plaster, dripping water, and discoloration on your ceiling.  Leaking in ceiling also indicates some other plumbing problems of your house that you may not … Read more

Guide To Buy A Right Heated Towel Rack For your Bathroom

Imagine stepping out of the bath and wrapping yourself in a cozy heated towel on a frosty morning. Who wouldn’t like that? If you do too, then you need a heated towel rack in your bathroom. Whether you’re renovating your existing bathroom or moving to a new house, don’t forget to install a heated towel … Read more

How to choose the right waterproofing company?

Tips and guide to choose the right waterproofing company

Have you finally decided to do something about water leakage in your house and looking for a waterproofing company? Well, we know the struggle. There are many waterproofing companies that certainly provide you the right service you’re looking for. But how can you ensure to get the most value of your money? Well, there isn’t … Read more

Why should you choose the Toilet Sink Combo?

How Long Does it Take a Contractor to Remodel a Bathroom?

Good hygiene is the critical focus of every person renovating the home, especially the bathroom. If you maintain your bathroom and look for a compact size bathroom accessory, you can go for a toilet sink combo. The small in size yet optimal performing bathroom accessory can be the best option for a small bathroom. The toilet sink … Read more