Best Tall Cabinets for Storage

Storage cabinets become essential as well as a smart choice when you are running out of space. If you have a small house and want it to look disciplined, you must go for some storage option that occupies less space on the floor and utilizes the complete air column above that area of the floor. You can have shelves for this purpose too, but cabinets are way more secure. This piece of furniture has doors that can be locked for safety purposes, and can also have drawers to provide additional security. You can lock your precious decoration pieces or important files and items in cabinets.

Cabinets can keep things that you do not want to display as well as the things that you do want to showcase at the same time.Also these are safe to place sharp and bulky items such as machinery and heavy tools in them without the fear of them falling to the ground and causing harm.

Cabinets can be made of wood, plastic or metal, depending upon its environment requirements. That is, in dry environments you can keep wooden cabinets while in damp environments you can keep plastic cabinets and the environments that have heavy, metal objects and where high speed movements are normal and liquid spills are normal or where you need better security you can have metal cabinets.

A large variety of designs are available out there. In this article we have enlisted the best tall storage cabinets that we found on the internet, that can be the solution for your storage issue and can help you set the look of your place as a disciplined one.

USIKEY Freestanding Storage Cabinet

A very beautiful freestanding wooden cabinet structure of slim design with 2 drawers, 3 tier shelf, switchable racks. Also the product is easy to assemble.

Material: Particleboard

Dimensions: 39.7X14.6X6.7 inches

Weight: 26.5 pounds

Color: None

Redmon Contemporary Floor Shelf

A country tall floor mount with a total of six shelves, out of which 3 are on top while 3 are in the lower cabinet. Top two shelves are adjustable and the two top shelves in the cabinet are also adjustable. The product is easy to assemble.

Material: Engineered wood

Dimensions: 8X13.38X65 inches

Weight: 26 pounds

Color: Espresso

Gioia 4 – Shelf  Storage Cabinet

It is a tall thin metal locker style with 4 removable shelves behind a metal door with a lock, which comes in six beautiful colors.

Material: Steel

Dimensions: 72.83X14.96X15.75 inches.

Weight: 42.99 pounds.

Colors: Pale green, Terracotta, Black, White, Pink, Olive green.

Winsome Wood Alps Tall Cabinet with Glass Door and Drawer

This is a wooden product with a drawer, one open cube space, 2 enclosed cabinets: one with a glass door and one with a wooden door, with one adjustable shelf in each.

Material: Solid composite wood

Dimensions: 70.87X 12.99X 18.11

Weight: 66 pounds

Color: Black

Material: Solid composite wood.

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