Tips To Clean Sheepskin Rug

People all around the world get worried and extremely anxious when it comes to washing their favorite pieces, especially when that piece is luxurious or, in simpler terms, expensive. Generally, these pieces are this expensive because they are made up of natural fibers and are not synthetic. And, thus, ending up being more problematic to wash than their synthetic counterparts. Wool and sheepskin come under such expensive natural fibers.

Interestingly, it is not that hard to clean these pieces. Apparently, the sheepskin has natural durability and robustness. This means that the sheepskin rugs you have at home don’t need to be washed as regularly as you do. But how to clean sheepskin rug?

How to Clean a Sheepskin Rug at Home?

So, it’s only fair to address the elephant in the room first. Since we have already mentioned it is possible to clean a sheepskin rug, how do we do it? How do we do that at home? Especially without damaging it. Well, vacuum! Use a vacuum cleaner to clean it. Your sheepskin will remain happy for a long time if you vacuum it thoroughly and regularly. And what else? Give it some fresh air, and make sure you give it a good shake. Taking about fresh air, you can keep it under a shade and let it rest there for the entire day. And you will have it! A neat and clean sheepskin rug.

Now, what if you somehow accidentally managed to stain that beautiful rug? What will you do? First, control the damage you have done and don’t let it spread. Do not throw water or any fluid substance over it. It will not only help spread the stain, but also can damage the sheepskin backing. Instead, use a clean and dry towel. Gently blot the excess amount of fluid out. And now, use a regular commercial wet stain remover. You can find them in every supermarket. But what if the damage done is huge? Well, as silly as it might sound, first put on a dry towel and then stand on it. Let it do the blotting. You need to have no liquid on the rug before applying your wet stain remover. So, can say that the most indispensable and overlooked thing here is getting the fluids out of the rug. If you mess that up, then it’s game over for you.

What to Do When a Sheepskin Rug Smells Bad?

Isn’t it annoying to keep a stinking sheepskin rug next to you? Although, sheepskin rugs are naturally good odor suppressors, they basically absorb odor molecules into the woolen fibers and thus are generally not detected by the human nose. But yet, if you get the smell, there is no need to worry about it. We already have you covered. It means that you need to give it a good shake, hang it outside under some fresh air and a little sunlight (optional, but it works to get rid of the smell), and finally, vacuum it. So, in short, if someday you feel that your sheepskin rug is stinking, it means it is time to clean your rug.

Can a Sheepskin Rug Go into a Washing Machine?

Naturally, you may ask us, can a rug go into a washing machine? And the answer is yes. You can. But if you want your rug to last for long years, then you need to take special care of it. Even if you use cold water and follow a delicate washing cycle, your sheepskin rug will be affected by it if you completely submerge it into the water. Although washing the sheepskin rug will make your woolen fibers look beautiful, the skin will take a massive hit. It will harden the skin, eventually leading to the rug losing its shape. Having said that, a premium quality sheepskin rug can take a few washes, but try to make that an extremely occasional event.

Can Bleach or Other Remedies at Home Be Used to Clean a Sheepskin Rug?

So, if the washing machine cannot be used, can we bleach our sheepskin rug? The answer to it is a yes, again. But, for the love of God, do not use it to “wash” it! You can use it to remove stains. If you have a white sheepskin rug, you can make a diluted or weak hydrogen peroxide and water solution. And then use that solution to spray over the stains and then blot it. Please keep in mind how much water you are adding to make the solution and how much you are spraying. Because of the concentration of the solution or, you sprayed too much, it can ruin your rug! To play it safe, white vinegar can be an easy alternative, but its smell can sometimes be difficult to remove from the rug afterward.

How to Whiten a Yellowed Sheepskin Rug?

Generally, a sheep’s wool is close to gray and not really a bright white. And often, when your sheepskin rug is put under UV rays, it starts turning yellow. Even the ones treated or colored during the tanning process will tend to revert to their original colors with time passing by.

Now, if your sheepskin rug has turned yellow under natural circumstances of aging and/or sunlight exposure, to be honest, you will need professional help; you cannot fix this at home. The professional will use a special wool whitening solution and reverse “some” staining. However, it is extremely rare to see a yellowed sheepskin turning completely white or the original color.

You can do only one thing at home, and that is, prevent it. To prevent your carpet from yellowing, keep letting air pass by and keep the room ventilated. And it is not rocket science to understand that a sheepskin rug should be kept a little far from sunlight. Also, make sure you don’t have it in a humid place.

The Final Advice

The best thing about sheepskin is that it doesn’t demand too much care. Though there are certain rules you should follow, the first is to make sure the sheepskin rug is dry. And the second being, to store it in a dry place. For a rug, it is very important to roll them with the sued on the outside, and this will make sure your wool fibers are protected and keep them looking beautiful and lush for longer. Sheepskin rugs do not demand a lot, all it wants is a bit of love, care, and attention, and that will make sure that your sheepskin rug looks brand new for years to go.

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