Top 4 Reasons to Install Water Pressure Regulators

Water makes the world go round. It is one of our basic needs and is a necessity for the very survival of human beings. However, most people tend to waste it and aren’t mindful of managing it properly. Even when people shower, they overlook the water pressure level, which consequently leads to major plumbing issues in the future.

Watching out for the status of your water pressure is imperative if you wish to minimize water wastage. It may also be necessary to regulate your water pressure to ensure your pipes don’t break apart.

The majority of the homeowners are unaware of the importance of controlling water pressure and, similarly, how important is it to install a water pressure regulator in your home. However, before we dive into the reasons or the benefits of installing water pressure regulators, let’s discuss what is the water pressure regulator as many of you might not know about them. 

What is a Water Pressure Regulator?

A water pressure regulator is a device that helps individuals regulate the pressure of water in their homes. Normally most pipes are built to withstand water pressure levels of less than 80 psi. However, pipes may be able to handle a higher water pressure level, but only for a minimal amount of time. Be it as such, water pressure of more than 100 psi for a more extended period of time may result in the breakage and or clogging of your pipes.

Reasons why you should install water pressure regulators in your home:

Here are four major reasons why you should install water pressure regulators in your home:

1.    Lower the Chances of Your Pipes Breaking Apart:

A common issue faced by individuals who don’t regulate water pressure levels is the breaking of their pipes. Considering the fact that pipes can only handle a certain level of pressure, your pipes may break apart if the water pressure is too high.

Keeping this in mind, placing a water pressure regulating device within the integrity of your home may result in lesser chances of your pipes getting damaged and or breaking apart. This is because water pressure regulators work to make sure that the level of pressure of water is neither too slow nor too fast. Ergo, a water pressure regulator helps reduce the breaking of pipes.

2.    Increase the Life-Cycle of Your Pipes:

What’s important to note is that the water pressure level differs from time to time throughout the day. For instance, your water pressure level may suddenly grow to become too fast or might slow down altogether. This is why regulating your water pressure is essential to having a healthy plumbing system within your home.

Now, it may be important to note that you can check up on your water pressure level manually, but it may prove to be a major hassle on your part. In addition, if you forget about checking your water pressure regularly, a simple slip-up may cause your pipes to deteriorate. For this reason, an automated system brought forth with the help of a water pressure regulator is bound to rid you of the risks that may cause your pipes to get damaged. In this way, you can undoubtedly increase the life cycle of your pipes simply by installing a water pressure regulator.

3.    Save Money on Your Water Bill:

The pressure can become too high at times when it comes to the water pressure level around your bathrooms and kitchen sinks. This indicates that the simple acts of washing your hands or washing the dishes can result in the wastage of a ton of water.

By installing a water pressure regulator, however, you can maintain the level of water pressure and utilize water that may be adequate for you. Also, by using lesser water, you can save up thousands of dollars on your water bill on an annual basis.

4.   Peace of Mind:

Lastly, with an automated water pressure maintenance system, you can remain relaxed, knowing that the pressure of water within your pipes won’t damage the integrity of your pipes and reduce the risk of you having to spend large sums of money on your pipes. In other words, installing a water pressure regulator may help you avoid certain major expenses in the future. 

Final Words:

To conclude the article, we can say that a water pressure regulator is undoubtedly a lifesaver for both working men and women. The installation of such a contraption doesn’t take a lot of time either. Moreover, the installation process is not complex that allows you to do it on your own. Still, to save time and do work more professionally, you can consult a plumber nearby to help you install your water pressure regulator. On that note, we hope that this article has helped you to understand the importance of regulating water and increased your knowledge about water pressure regulators. 

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