Top 4 Ways to Repair and Prolong Your Water Sprinklers

Amidst the countless other gadgets placed all over your lawn or garage, your water sprinklers may be some of the most resourceful objects out there. They help keep your lawn looking fresher than ever, all the while making sure that your plants don’t die out. Water sprinklers also work automatically, meaning they don’t always need to be catered to.

Their built-in mechanism is a true lifesaver, saving you not only precious time but a ton of money as well, especially if you initially chose to water your garden on your own. What’s even more intriguing to note about these gadgets is that they can generally last a considerable amount of time. Even so, they still manage to break every now and then, mostly due to technical failures or mishaps – albeit sprinkler repairs aren’t that difficult to deal with.

It’s often inevitable to end up losing out on a good water sprinkler ever so often. For that reason, it’s always beneficial to keep certain tips in mind regarding sprinkler repairs so you can fix them and lengthen their life cycle. Here are some of the primary ways through which you can repair and prolong your water sprinklers:

1. Check the Sprinkler Solenoids

The sprinkler solenoid is often referred to as an electromagnet that automatically opens and shuts the water sprinkler, making it highly crucial for the working of your water sprinkler. Keeping this in mind, you must check if you have any faulty valves every other week or so. By doing as such, you’ll be able to pick up on any potential damages early on, consequently being able to fix the problem in due time.

If there is, in fact, a faulty valve or a broken solenoid, all you need to do is install a new solenoid in its place. Now, although this may sound complex, the entire problem is as easy as can be. All you’ll need to do is cut off the water and disconnect the wires before replacing the old solenoid with the new one. To remove the old solenoid, you’ll need to spin it counter-clockwise, whereas the new solenoid is to be spun clockwise. The entire process can be managed in a couple of minutes at most, meaning you can do it yourself if the need arises.

2. Replace the Sprinkler Valve

In case the heads of your sprinklers aren’t popping out at all, there is bound to be an issue with your sprinkler valve. The sprinkler valve is seen as the traffic controller and dictates when and if the showerhead should let water pass through or not. This, while not being as common, may prove to be an extensive procedure and may require the cutting of certain pipes.

Nevertheless, sprinkler repairs of this sort are recommended to be executed by professionals, considering that you’ll need to cut the PVP lines that go through to the valves. 

3. Store Your Water Sprinklers throughout the winters

One of the key points to take into account concerning water sprinklers is that they aren’t expected to last as well in the winters as in the other seasons. This is primarily due to the fact that winters are often filled with snow and may easily end up clogging your water sprinklers altogether. Nevertheless, some quick sprinkler repairs amidst the winters may be to carefully clean out the sprinklers and store them in a warm location. By doing so, you’ll be able to ensure that your sprinklers don’t get damaged during the harsh winters.

Furthermore, since water sprinklers aren’t even able to serve their purpose throughout the winters, due to mostly rain and show, packing them up for the other seasons might turn out to be a good decision after all.

4. Maintain your Water Sprinklers through the Seasons

If you wish to make your water sprinklers last for as long as possible, one of the key factors that determine their life is how often they’re cleaned. Water sprinklers end up getting debris and dirt caught within them, which then ends up posing an issue for the wires placed within. This is why it is imperative that you open up your water sprinklers after two to three weeks and clear out all the dirt from the showerhead. This simple act could prove to be miraculous and help your water sprinklers fight against the test of time.


So, this is it. That was all about how you can repair and prolong your water sprinklers. Most of the repairing work is easy, and you can do it yourself; however, if you want a more reliable solution, you can always contact a plumber contact near you. Because sometimes, it is worth spending on plumbing services then getting your hands dirty. We hope this guide has contributed to increasing your knowledge about sprinkler repairs. 

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