What to Know Before Hiring Chimney Repair Contractors

The truth is nothing likes to spend money on hiring a chimney repair company, but if you have a wood-burning stove, fireplace, or any gas appliance in your house, then to keep your home safe from possible hazards like fire and carbon monoxide poisonings, you need a trained chimney repair expert for the routine inspections. 

Unfortunately, not all chimney repair companies are reliable, and you need to be careful before hiring any. Here are some of the important things you need to know before hiring chimney repair contractors. 

History and reputation

Chimney safety can be a life-and-death situation. Yet, the chimney repair industry is unregulated, which means anyone can legally start a chimney repair service company. That’s why the company you’re hiring for a chimney repair company must have field experience and at least some years of experience in providing inspecting and sweeping chimneys services. 


Certifications are vital when it comes to choosing any repair company. You should always check the certification of the chimney repair company before hiring it. The professionals working in the chimney repair company should be CSIA or NFI Certified Technicians. The Chimney Safety Institute of America is a non-profit educational organization that provides certifications and accreditation programs nationally for chimney repair services in America. 

Similarly, NFI or National Fireplace Institute is a professional certification agency that provides an advanced set of certifications to individuals related to gas, wood, or burning appliances repair services. But, again, the certifications can vary for different countries. So, before you allow any technician to touch your chimney, make sure to check their certification from any professional company in your country. 

Valid Insurance Coverage 

Another important consideration to check if the chimney sweep company is reliable or not is valid insurance coverage. Every well-reputed chimney repair company has an insurance policy to protect your home against the damages that could take place during any chimney sweep project. So, you must check it before hiring any company; otherwise, in case of any damages, you’ll have to cover the damages from your finances. 


Check if the company you’re hiring provides the estimated cost of the project or not. Many good chimney repair companies offer free quotes from their website, or you can take it by calling their customer support directly. The estimates include the overall breakdown of material and labor work. It also carries the time period of the complete repair project.  

Another important practice that everyone should do is comparing the prices of different chimney repair companies before hiring one. Also, don’t just fall for low-priced services because sometimes companies offering low-priced services use substandard products that can be very dangerous. So, make sure to do proper research and comparison and pick the right company if it means spending few extra bucks. 

Prompt Services 

A professional chimney repair company has a well-trained and certified team of technicians committed to providing high-quality services with a set time frame. That’s why we recommend hiring a company that provides prompt services.  

Customer Reviews 

Customer reviews are very useful in the modern world to pick the best service company. Some customers testimonials are available on the chimney repair company’s site, or you can also go online and search for the company reviews you’re thinking of hiring. You’ll land up to any third-party sites that provide unbiased reviews. So, find out what the customers have to say about the company and if it has more satisfied customers than unsatisfied ones. Doing this is crucial as hiring any service contractors is very different from buying any product. A product can be returned to the company if you’re not satisfied, but the service cannot. 


This advice goes for hiring any repair company, not just chimney repair contractors. First, it’s wise to check if the company staff is professional or not. The professionalism of any company can be analyzed in numerous ways. You can talk to their customer support on the website or call them to see if they give prompt replies to the customer queries or not. How is the company staff deal with the customers? In addition to that, if you’re hiring any repair company for a project that includes huge costs, you can research to determine if that company has any unresolved complaints filed in the State Consumer Protection Agency. 

Keep an eye on Scams

Telephone call scams are very common when it comes to hiring chimney sweep contractors. It might be possible you receive calls from telemarketers trying to sell your low-priced services. Keep an eye on these scams. They try to sell under-qualified independent technicians or sometimes can expose your house to criminal activity as well. 

Final thoughts

Hiring a chimney service company is a critical process with no room for errors as the safety of your house and family depends on it. So, spend some time researching to decide and hire the best chimney repair company near you. We hope these tips would help you to do that. 

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